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By | December 11, 2019

WhatsApp is a lightweight, simple application that allows you to appear offline and read your messages privately without sending receipts to senders.

The most important features:

  • Browse your messages through friends.
  • Browse all messages in the agreed message.
  • Remove outdated unnecessary messages.
    Be safe, only a permit is required.

DR Physical Driving Physics

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator combines realistic and fun driving physics to create the best car driving simulator on mobile with its innovative car driving physics engine. Best Car Driving Simulator Comes With Best Driving Physics! All types of vehicles have their own physics, from car racing to street SUVs!

limited unlimited customization

Make your own car and show everyone your style! From vinyl to car parts, you can create your own dream car with this game. Imagination is your only limit! Highly Customized Looking forward to you!

world Open the map of the world

The world wide open map is designed to creatively test your driving skills and provide the best gameplay experience. From cities to the wilderness, the ultimate car driving simulator comes with a very useful environment with an open world map. Drive an endless road blurred road with your SUV and get a realistic driving experience on mobile.

OU best sound effects

All sounds are recorded from the original car to give the player a strong feeling. From the noise of a solid racing car to a cheating engine on a burning road, each car has its own unique sound that is recorded from a real racing car!

Great graphics directly

With the latest graphics engine, Ultimate Simulator now offers highly realistic graphics on mobile and deep 3D. You will have a hard time separating your extreme car from reality!

Get lots of cars

Racing Cars, Off-Road Vehicles, SUVs, Toner Cars, Muscle Cars, 4WD Trucks … Choose your favorite vehicle and do what you want in the detailed map of the open world!


  • Once you install the application, you will be asked to access it as instructed. This is an essential step for the app to work.
  • Old messages will not appear on installation, only new messages will be received.
    City Car Driver 2017 game lets you drive freely around the great city. It’s an open-world environment where you can decide what to do: walking the city’s highways, driving, or riding a motorcycle.

When the game starts, you control the role of a third person and you have to ride a car or motorcycle.

On the city streets, you will see various traffic vehicles, such as: school buses, vans, road cars, police cars, taxis and motorbikes. You can drive any car in the city, just drive to the left of the car and get in.

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but you have to be especially careful when using NOS as the bike will ride on wheels.

You can also do stunts in the City Car Driver 2017 game, and the police can run at full speed without chasing you. At the stunt ramp, jump right onto the roof of buildings.

Drive a car and motorbike with a realistic physics engine that gives you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to experience a real car. Go to the city and collect as much money as you can to buy a new car available in the car showroom.

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