What Are the 78 Organs of the Human Body

By | June 18, 2022

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What Are the 78 Organs of the Human Body

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Organs in the body Diagram and all you need to know

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Internal body organs  Department of Education and Training

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Distinguishing the Function of External Body Parts

We often use directional anatomical terms in our textbooks to refer to the relative positions of body parts.. Learning and committing these terms to memory is essential, so you won’t get confused while studying the various functions of body parts. One of these directional anatomical terms is posterior, which refers to the back of the body.

Learning Names for Body Parts in Spanish

 This guide will teach you to say 80 important face and body parts in Spanish. The chart below is organized in alphabetical order and includes the names of different body parts.

Tissues and Organs  Fundamentals  MSD Manuals

The head is an essential part of the human body. Many expressions use this body part, and Spanish speakers are no exception. The word for the head in Spanish is cabeza, ka’besa, or la cabezarticl.

Internal Body Parts Pictures With Name

How many organs does your body have? Well, the answer depends on whom you ask and how you count.

The human body comprises seventy-eight significant organs, all working together to perform specialized functions The rest are optional and replaced with medical devices to restore health and function.The skin is the largest organ and contains sweat glands and oil glands. The oil and sweat the skin produces help keep the skin moist and prevent hair from becoming brittle.

What Are the 78 Organs of the Human Body


 function and structure are studied mainly in anatomy and physiology. The study of the individual cells, tissues, and organs makes each living thing unique.

What Are the 78 Organs of the Human Body

The bladder is a muscular organ in the pelvic cavity that stretches and contracts to store urine. The kidneys filter the blood and excrete waste products and excess fluid. The heart is the most significant muscle in the body and is located in the chest cavity.

How many organs are in the human body


The lungs are an organ in the human body that plays a significant role in the respiratory system.

MCQs Faculty of General Medicine VI year

The brain is located in the skull and is the control center of the nervous system. It has many functions, including sensory reception, memory storage, and thought. The lungs, a sponge-like cone-shaped structure, provide oxygen to the bloodstream and expel carbon dioxide.

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