Testm Hardware

Want to check your phone’s hardware, sensors and components to make sure everything is working properly. Need to fix your Android smartphone or tablet?
Use the Testim app to get complete phone information and device status before going to the lab!

Check your phone easily!
TestM is a complete hardware diagnostic app for your smartphone and mobile device. Use TestM to check your phone’s data and glasses, just get a complete report to repair what you need and what you don’t need. Create a valid online certificate to buy or sell your phone.

The most accurate and easy mobile tester app
Identify problems on your phone, tablet or smart device
14 Compatible with over 14,000 Android and iOS devices!
IM Verify that you are not buying a stolen phone with IMEI check
Make sure the device is open and ready for use in your country
20 Supports more than 20 languages

Check and report the hardware for your device
Complete the phone IMEI and get a complete report of online status and in a few minutes get an accurate purpose report with all the information of your phone, which can repair your phone.
The test report for any smartphone or mobile device is easy to understand, easy and available online anytime, you can also set up a reminder to check your device at any time.

List of tests included in the app:
Screen test: touch screen, 3D touch
ound sound test: speaker, airpiece, microphone, headphones
. Speed: gyroscope, accelerometer, compass
ection connection test: WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, GPS
Hardware testing: light sensor, charger, vibration, proximity sensor, fingerprint sensor
Camera test: front camera, rear camera, LED flash

Find a repair shop
Find repair shops nearby and find them. Save time and money and fix what you know. Test M lets you know what should happen on your Android device and you won’t waste time and money on your phone or tablet.
Phone checking and checking lets you monitor key device usage and your device’s signal strength. This allows you to quickly check and evaluate all key components of your phone or tablet and display information that can be emailed. Many tests include a network, storage, GPS test and Wi-Fi test.

Phone testing and testing is especially effective if you’ve just bought a phone or tablet, are thinking of selling your phone, have it been repaired, or it doesn’t seem to be working properly. ? Identify issues so you can get your phone back or now (during the warranty period) and fix the problem before you start relying on your phone for your daily tasks. Check to see if you can fix other hardware issues or other issues without buying a new phone. Useful for troubleshooting and diagnosing phone issues.

Designed exclusively for Android phones based on extensive testing software and years of mobile network experience.

Check the health of your phone before you let your phone come down …

The most comprehensive Android phone test
The tests are arranged and run as a series of tests and investigations in the order shown below.

  • Check device information.
  • Device Information: Low Memory Suggestion;
  • Device Information: Short Internal Storage Advice;
  • Battery check and charge socket check;
    Investigation of telephone and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Network Gateway Ping Test;
  • Bluetooth check (tested on the purchase of the application);
  • NFC check (test integrated with the purchase of the application);
  • Audio Test: Microphone and Call Speaker (Air Pace Speaker);
  • Audio test: mono / stereo speaker;
  • Audio test: headphone jack;
  • Audio test: volume button;
  • Audio Test: Vibration Test;
  • Display: check dead pixels;
  • Display: bright pixel check;
  • Display: color visibility check;
  • Touch screen test; 2D graphics: die screen digitizer zone;
  • Touch screen test: 5 touch points;
  • Network and GPS location checking;
  • physical presence check;
  • Camera test: front;
  • Camera test: rear camera and rear flash;
  • Fingerprint sensor check (tested with app purchase);
  • Helpful sensor check (such as proximity, light, accelerometer, step counter …);
  • Heat pressure test;
  • CPU stress test;
  • Memory Stressist;
    Storage tension

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