Pitu’s Crazy Cosplay’s powerful start has resulted in hot topics such as Wuzetian Cosplay, Cosplay Elementary Students, and Uniform Cosplay. With Taiwanese multilingual plastic cosmetics, Taiwan has risen to number 1 in Taiwan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam at AppStore.

[Fashion dress] Beautiful, timeless camera tracking camera. Beauty filters are a portrait, face, eyes, vision, real makeup and so on. Designed for. Dynamic tabs make SNS the most beautiful images. Magical wallpapers, gesture movement, 3D decorations, everything you want!

Click [Edit]. Make it simple, straightforward and practical, reducing rotation, special effects, spots, performance, enhancement, visualization, people, mirrors, stars, glasses, and pictures.

[Beauty Make Up] Beautiful and makeup photos! You are a god! With a clear, functional, subtle foundation, your lips can create a smile on your face with smell, nose, thistle, thistle hair and hair. Alternative Natural Emotional Blend of Nude Korean Style …

[Historical Tale] Many models, exceptional intelligent watermarks, create wallpapers of your personality, play a good mood. Take stories about the lifeboats required for passengers!

[Crazy Face Playing] Real face detection, shiny and versatile phone looks like the update speed like a rocket. Authentic Elementary, Uniform … the second to turn yourself into celebrities!

[GIF] are all the most popular types currently included, including their own.

[PikaPika] Creative layers make your life wonderful. Pink Lilies, Honey Blossom, Holiday Islands … colorful and elegant to choose from. Instantly Create a Custom Dashboard!

[Cutout] Easy Photo Album Create a unique and unique photo! Attractive scenes and 3D artistic effects for magic photography.

[Dynamic MV] Easy to use MV manufacturers. Add custom pictures, take smaller movies, even add your own songs, and follow the dream leader!

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