By | June 22, 2019

Pitu’s Crazy Cosplay’s powerful start has resulted in hot topics such as Wuzetian Cosplay, Cosplay Elementary Students, and Uniform Cosplay. With Taiwanese multilingual plastic cosmetics, Taiwan has risen to number 1 in Taiwan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam at AppStore.

[Fashion dress] Beautiful, timeless camera tracking camera. Beauty filters are a portrait, face, eyes, vision, real makeup and so on. Designed for. Dynamic tabs make SNS the most beautiful images. Magical wallpapers, gesture movement, 3D decorations, everything you want!

Click [Edit]. Make it simple, straightforward and practical, reducing rotation, special effects, spots, performance, enhancement, visualization, people, mirrors, stars, glasses, and pictures.

[Beauty Make Up] Beautiful and makeup photos! You are a god! With a clear, functional, subtle foundation, your lips can create a smile on your face with smell, nose, thistle, thistle hair and hair. Alternative Natural Emotional Blend of Nude Korean Style …

[Historical Tale] Many models, exceptional intelligent watermarks, create wallpapers of your personality, play a good mood. Take stories about the lifeboats required for passengers!

[Crazy Face Playing] Real face detection, shiny and versatile phone looks like the update speed like a rocket. Authentic Elementary, Uniform … the second to turn yourself into celebrities!

[GIF] are all the most popular types currently included, including their own.

[PikaPika] Creative layers make your life wonderful. Pink Lilies, Honey Blossom, Holiday Islands … colorful and elegant to choose from. Instantly Create a Custom Dashboard!

[Cutout] Easy Photo Album Create a unique and unique photo! Attractive scenes and 3D artistic effects for magic photography.

[Dynamic MV] Easy to use MV manufacturers. Add custom pictures, take smaller movies, even add your own songs, and follow the dream leader!

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