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Master Clint’s Best Phone Manager!

Phone master – Master Privacy Cleanup with junk files and features The best choice: Applicator, Data Manager, Junk Cleaner for Android, Speed Booster, CPU Cooler and Barry Saver

Featured Features:50 million users worldwide
All in all a junk cleaner and privacy guard

Surprise for updates
Recommended antivirus
Various festival themes of the festival
More friendly and foldable notifications
More efficient power saving and data saving

Why choose Phonemaster?

Powerful with powerful cleaning engine: cache cleaner, junk file cleaning, phone master can completely speed up the performance of your phone.
With many privacy protectors to protect your phone.

Key Features of Phonemaster:

There aren’t many auto-start applications in the background. Phonemaster speeds up the process, cleans up unnecessary apps running in the background, and saves battery life.
That junk cleaner
Always feel sluggish when using your phone and need more space? The best phone cleaner to improve junk cache files, clean storage, cleaning performance

Battery saving

A battery saver can analyze battery usage and monitor all applications that run out of power when not in use. Hibernating applications to close the battery drain and extend battery life

CPU cooler

Temperature rise is likely to detect applications and cool CPU heat by turning it off

Application Locker can lock applications, photos, messages and other personal data with a password or pattern. You can easily protect your personal information. Encrypt and hide sensitive photos, videos, contacts, SMS and communication applications. Protect your privacy as your best protector.

Manager – Data Manager
The data manager can configure data plans for your daily, weekly, monthly and any date range. The data manager can display data usage per application. Easily find the most data-hungry app on your device. Make your cellular data clear and easy to use.

Deep cleaning
Manage all your phones on one screen. Remove unwanted photos, videos, audio, installation package.
Extract the file
Different types of files can take up too much memory. To free up space, move your large file with one tap.

Questions and Answers

Phone Phone Master How to clean your device?
Cleaning your phone is our priority. There are many features to help you improve your device. And the break is not fixed.
C Clear Trash Trash – Space clearing system to restore system and cache junk file system.
Clear the Clear Application Installation Package – Specify how to install the application
Clean up any junk files left over from clean requests.

Phone Phone Master How To Speed Up Your Phone?
Is your phone hanging slowly and day by day? Our phone booster will speed up your device and cool the CPU temperature.
Speed up the processing, prevent unnecessary applications running in the background. Speed improvement
The CPU detects overheated applications for CPU use and immediately shuts off to cool the phone’s temperature – the phone should never overheat.

Phone Phone Master How to help master your phone?
Use the Data Manager to set up data usage plans, monitor how many applications use data, and receive alerts before data runs out.
Terry Battery Saver can help you find out what power is being used. Disable unnecessary applications that dry out your battery.


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