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By | December 18, 2019

The most powerful multitrack audio device and MIDI recording studio on Android

En Track Studio transforms your Android device into a full recording studio. Record playback audio dev and MIDI tracks and mix them during playback and add effects. Edit your songs, jam with other artists, and share with friends.

Visit the N Track Studio tutorial for Android:

Try the free En Track Studio: If you like it you can subscribe and unlock regular or advanced features *

How it works:

Record the base track with a built-in mic or external sound card
add more audio dev tracks or create melody using built-in keyboards or built-in virtual devices
Import a good one or make it using a step sequencer
Use a mixer to adjust the surface, not pan, apply matching and add effects
Save or share the recording directly to your friends from your friends

Main Features:

• Stereo and Mono Audio Dev tracks
virtually unlimited number of tracks (up to 11 tracks without buying the app)
ps groups and ux channels
128 MIDI Material Built-in Synthesis sounds in 12 MIDI trunks
• Piano roll MIDI editor
• Step order
• On-screen MIDI keyboard

  • Spectrum Analyzer + Color Toner EQ
    Import existing tracks
    • Any track and master channel can include reverb, echo, course and flanger, tremolo, pitch shift, phaser, tube amp and compression effects.
    • Guitar & Bus Amps Imitation Plugins *: Combine great amp headphones and model delos from different cabinets and create your own sound to play with mic position and game controls.
    oc VocalTune * – Pitch optimization and manipulation plugin: Automatically correct any pitch on vocal or melodic parts
    Automatic track volume and pan using track volume and pan envelopes
  • Share your recording on Facebook
    Unite songwriting music to share with other musicians in the online music making community
    Quickly track one-touch drums and alloys
    Bu built-in metronome

Advanced features

• 64 bit dual precision floating point audio die engine *
Built-in audio dev routing
Ultimate support for audio device compatible with Multi-Channel External USB Class
Support for multiple audio devices output when using a compatible USB device
Export audio files to 16, 24 or 32 bit *
Set the 192 sample frequency to 192 kHz (external audio device required at frequencies greater than 48 kHz).

  • Some features require one of two available at the request purchase level.

Free version
What you get:
5 audio dev tracks, 3 instrument tracks and 2 step setting tracks

  • 2 effects on track / channel
    Option to save your music in the cloud and play with other musicians
    Note: Purchasing MP3 storage is required in your local device storage

Standard subscription (2. 1.8 / month)
What you get:
• Unlimited Audio Dev and MIDI Track (free version limited to 5 audio dev tracks, 3 instrument tracks and 2 step continuation tracks)
all Opens all available effects (free version includes reverb, compression, echo and course).
Multiple channels per channel (up to 2 in free fee version)


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