Multi App -Multiple Accounts App

Multi-App is an application that allows you to clone any application to use two or more accounts on Facebook, Line and other services on a phone.
With MultiApp, you can copy applications to your Android device and avoid operating system restrictions when you download an application that is already installed on your phone. can.

Use WhatsApp, LIN, or multiple social media accounts on the same machine
If you ever want to use WhatsApp at the same time or another instant messaging, chat or social network, this app is very useful. Just install the app and run the program whose programs you want to copy. We can also choose the name we want to enforce.

Something we should consider when it comes to cloning an app, for example, WhatsApp, for example. Some applications require a phone number, and in this case we will need another active number, otherwise we will not be able to register.

Like Parallel Space, this is a very useful tool if we need to manage multiple accounts on social networks or if we use WhatsApp numbers for personal and work, just enter a few examples that we can prevent from roaming. There are.
Copy multiple accounts from one application to one device and start over.
1, Get Social Network Apps (such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Line, Instagram, Weight …), once logged in to multiple accounts with your jobs, corporate accounts and accounts.
2, Get game applications to run several examples for several characters.
3, make your application in a private place, protect user privacy and create hidden applications on the device.
Many applications can clone all applications, including social programs or Android applications. For some 64-bit applications, such as WhatsApp, download MultiApps 64Bit support to improve stability and compatibility.

Device A device, multiple accounts at once
Different social accounts for your social and personal life.
Turn key game accounts and alternative game accounts in one touch
Ability to clone and log in to all applications. Multiple applications can receive all messages from all accounts at the same time

Hide your secrets and privacy
Protect all personal information and multimedia data in all applications
Protect your messages in social events.

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