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By | May 21, 2022

Top 10 Paid Watch Video Earning Apps in Pakistan

The internet boom has made the process of earning money easy. You can create an online business, run an online blog, or do other web-based procuring options. Watching videos, shopping, and other online activities can all be used to make money. In Pakistan, the top 10 earning apps pay you to watch videos. Here are some of them. Read on to discover the best ones and how you can start earning today.

Jeeto Paisa Earn Online

The first augmented reality gaming app in Pakistan, Jeeto Paisa, is an excellent option for Pakistani people to earn money online. This app utilizes augmented reality to connect people with their surroundings and reveal hidden treasures.

It features games in English, Urdu, and Punjabi, social messaging, and more. You can connect with friends and family and win high reward points by playing games. You can also get paid for watching videos if you share them on social media.

Another way to make money while watching videos is to write reviews on websites and blogs. Many companies will pay you to view ads and trailers for apps and movies. You can earn a few pennies for each video you view and earn up to $3 for every interaction. These jobs will require some hard work, but you can do it as a side hustle or even as a full-time income. You can even earn money while watching videos from the comfort of your own home.

There are several online apps that let you earn money without investing any money. Google Opinion Rewards is one such option. You can earn money by giving your opinion about brand logos or sales promotions. All of these applications pay you in the form of coins, which you can use to buy stuff. If you want to make money while watching videos, Google Opinion Rewards is an excellent choice. You can make money while doing your daily chores.

Upwork has made freelancing a feasible option in Pakistan. Originally known as oDesk, this freelancing application has helped Pakistanis earn money from the comfort of their homes.

The app’s flexible working hours, as well as its ability to withdraw payments from a local bank account, make it the fastest growing web gaining destination in the country. You can build your profile and submit jobs. Once your gigs begin paying, you’ll start earning.

Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos

While earning money through online video ads isn’t a full-time income, it’s an excellent source of extra cash every month. You can earn as much as $100 or more a month by consistently watching ads on these sites. You can also earn points from these sites to redeem for prepaid debit cards or gift cards. Hourly rates may be around $5, depending on the website. The time spent watching ads can add up.

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