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By | September 13, 2019

The number of Sim Card is almost an invisible software program that transmits personal or company data without moving and sending through the Internet. Transferred data can be used to break your business’s credibility or to make a profit. Spyware is commonly known as adware,
It can access your network through network software to download software that you can automatically download to your network, even without user identification. This can be included in the software downloaded by the user, including the spyware program. The most common entry in this software is software that appears when you open any website. The popup is clicked to click on the most annoying user.
In this application you have complete information on all the applications available to increase free minutes; look at the network balance.
It will only work in Pakistan and it will only work for users (Telenor, Ufone, Verid, Modblick and Zhong). Some people may not work for all people because of different people. If the code has not worked or changed, send an email to you regarding your concerns. We are working on this as fully as possible.
This application allows you to configure your Internet settings without having to line up.

You do not need to use the Internet to check network connection information.

Just install and check all networks.
Now you don’t have to remember the user code and the details of their complicated and complicated packages. You must install the same Network Package application, and you will receive additional Internet connection information on all the latest packages available to you.
Based on this request, any NADRA can find the total number of SIMs registered on any CNIC issued by Pakistan. Just enter the CNIC number and then press the submit button. In response, any of the C.I.N.C. You see the total number of total seam samples.
These packages include furs, hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly offers, other pre-paid furs and include furs. The free packages offered by Mobilink / Jazz are available in the application in accordance with the policy of all network packages.

These include Sudan, Arabia, Bahrain, India, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Iraq, Iran and other international packages.
Roaming (Yes or No)
Rator exchange name (full and code)
Wi-Fi information,
Galaxy Y pair, Galaxy pair, Micromax pair and HTC pair.
You touch all the codes.
Share in apps
Key features, SIM card, IMEI, 89 no


This app reads your current SIM card information, phone information, smart watch information, cellular network, Android operating system information and battery health indicator.

Read about the following signs, phone information, SIM card number details.

  • SIM card information.
  • Sim serial number.
  • Correct position.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Turn off the network.
  • Need pin.
  • PU required
  • Finished
  • Unknown Unknown.
  • Not ready
  • Error, permanently disabled.
  • Error, current but defective.
  • Not available due to current worker restrictions.

Sometimes people pay to call you and your family to send a message to your Family Person Tracker. You can find this number and find the names of their owners, the Scenic number and the full address so you can easily see who the HireShare is and get rid of it. Difficulty.

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