Pakistan Citizen Portal – Imran Khan Launches Corona Relief Tiger Force to Aid Government

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday called on Pakistanis to unite in the fight against the corona virus as he announced a volunteer force and a charitable foundation to meet the needs of the poor during lockdown.

Speaking on national television, Khan said that the entire world was struggling to control the spread of COVID-19, adding that China was the only successful country to rule.
He said that Beijing was able to control the operation by shutting down only 200 million people, which is not sustainable for a country like Pakistan. If Pakistan was in the same position as China,
I will close all cities. But he said that 25% of Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line and another 20% is in danger.
The Ministry of Youth Affairs has announced that Prime Minister Imran Khan will start registering volunteers of the Corona Relief Force from today.

The ministry said that the registration portal will be launched tonight and will be open till 10 April.

«Corona Relief Tiger Force»

The ministry also revealed that the young senators will also be registered on the portal. It said that when this government is formed, it will cross the political line of the Corona Relief Force.

The ministry also announced that the force would be fully operational in the event of rescue or emergency. He said that the youth would be trained to provide food to the needy families. Corona Relief Tiger Force ‘

The ministry said that the youth would prove that the Prime Minister had trusted them. It added that young nurses, paramedics and doctors would join the fight against the virus.
Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the launch of the Corona Relief Tigers Youth Force to join Pakistan in the fight against the Corona virus.

But, when Pakistan has no resources, “we have two more,” Khan said. “The faith and the power of [our] youth. We believe that we can win [the war on CoVID-19] with unity and trust, which is the basic principle laid down by the nation’s father, Qaid-e-Azam, and we have another great youth. The world will be used to help the government and administration deal with the disease.

During a special briefing to the media, the Prime Minister said: “The Corona Relief Tiger Collection will officially begin on 31 March. We call all volunteers. “

The Prime Minister said the virus was spreading worldwide, with the United States emerging as a new epicenter.

He reminded everyone that “we have the greatest youth in the world”, which is a great source of power for the nation.

«Corona Relief Tiger Force»

“Corona Relief Tigers will roam all over Pakistan. We will make a map, where questions will be raised, and these lions will be sent to these areas to provide the supplies they need.
Khan said that so far $ 8 billion has been given for the corona virus. He said that State Bank of India would give loans to the industry to low-end industries, so that they would not get any work.


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