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Eye recorder lets you record videos in the background or when the phone is locked. You can also use your device’s cache to record videos at specific times.

This app is very useful for the best app available in Android Market for video capture and mobile recorder.

Play with over one million users and thousands of positive feedback. Known as a professional, effective voice recorder for most Android devices. Use it for recorded audio dio memos, conversations, music and high quality songs. Specially designed for students, journalists and musicians. Audio Dio Recorder supports an external Bluetooth microphone. The app is easy to use and free. Voice recorder recording quality is limited by the quality of the device’s microphone. Fully compatible with Android Wear device.
Note: This application is not a call recorder.

OU why do you want this app? —
Group recording
Group all your audio recordings into specific sections. Mark conversations and notes of your choice. Add recording tag, attach bookmark, choose color and icon.

High quality voice recorder
Configure all recording options, including common tips. Choose your sample rate. Enable stereo recorder and mute removal. Use Android’s built-in effects to get sound, mute and control. Record your voice with an external Bluetooth microphone or a built-in microphone.

Wireless transfer
Use Wi-Fi transfer to export data to your computer without any additional software. Just make sure that you are connected to the same network and you can start the conversion.

Eye recorder has many features that make this application more versatile.

Useful functions include static recording while your screen is off, recording, use of a one-click video recorder, and support for multiple languages.

[key features]
The + Volume button can be used to start or stop recording. (Press the Volume Up button within two seconds to begin. Press the Volume Up button three times in two seconds.)
The + power button can be used to start or stop recording.
Move the phone to start or stop video recording.

  • Upload the listed files to Google Drive.
    Trim after video recording
  • Enable / disable preview
    Disable shutter sounds
    Supports self-white-white balance with several advanced options
  • Set your camera to record video at specific times
    Supports rear and front cameras
  • Unlimited video duration. Easily set what you want to record
    The device supports “auto stop recording” when storage is low
  • Multiple video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-480p, 480p …)
  • Secure a well-coded application
  • Beautiful Material Design GUI
  • Supports multiple languages
    Record video in the background when your device is locked or another application is running.
    Record with rear or front camera.
  • Supports multiple languages.
    Trim after video recording.
    Ability to change application icon.
  • Enable / disable preview.
    Disable shutter sounds.
    Supports self-white-white balance with several advanced options.
  • Integrated Google Drive Backup.
  • Adjust timer and record video for specified time and duration.
  • Easy storage space option.
  • Easy to adjust duration, camera and video quality.
    Multiple video resolution.
  • Secure a well-coded application.
  • Beautiful Material Design GUI.


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