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By | June 20, 2020

Followers and followers show you insights on their Instagram profile. You can’t easily follow 50 people who don’t follow you. You can give it to white list (starred) people so they don’t follow. It also provides you with information about people who are mutual followers, people you are not following, even recent followers of your Instagram profile. Multiple account logins allow you to easily switch between different Instagram accounts.

Key benefits:

Don’t follow me – people who don’t follow you on Instagram.
Proportional – Mutual followers, who you follow and they follow you.
Follow Back – People you don’t follow on Instagram.
Follow me on Follow – You’re all following on Instagram
Recent followers. People who have recently followed you.
★ Starred – long press someone on your list of people to add to your favorites list
Widely ignored – follow up to 50 people in one activity.
Follower analysis

  • Discover Instagram followers and blockers
  • It has closed you or your Instagram account.
    Watch, report Instagram stories, videos
  • The owner of the story will not be able to find the story you have seen. You may not have seen the person who saw the stories in the Instagram audience section.
    Like work
  • You can compare two separate posts and find out who likes the first and what you don’t like.
  • Congratulations Instagram photos
  • Relationships with your Instagram followers and followers
  • You can compare likes, comments, times with your followers or followers.
  • Find insights, followers and a complete analysis of posts for Instagram
  • Instagram users
  • New and lost followers. The people who are following you.
  • Users don’t follow you or vice versa. They don’t return you to Instagram.
  • Find your fake followers, fake followers, mutual followers, etc.
  • Most followers. Select your media
  • Most followers – at least comment on your media
  • Media post, post post
  • At least liked the time
    At least hours to comment
  • Favorite media
  • At least comment media
    Media filter
  • Most liked and commented filters
  • Look who’s behind you.
  • Instagram tracker for your followers and followers

Follow-up analytics enables you to know who is following you and who is following you. You can compare your preferences and other information with other users, you can see who is behind you
Access the matrix about postposts. Review and publish stories. An innovative analytics tool for Instagram
Follow-up analytics serves as your fast follower and follower support.
You can find blockers.
Follower Analytics has great features for Instagram.
Find the most popular hashtags for your posts.
We do not show who is viewing your profile. Instagram does not provide such features.

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