Full HD Wallpapers & Ringtones 2020

Easily personalize your phone with HD phone wallpaper, live wallpaper, alarm sound or ringtone. ZGE provides a comprehensive list of millions of free backgrounds, live wallpapers, stickers, ringtones, alarm sounds and notification sounds for your Android phone. Watch anything – it’s ZEDGE

Join more than 300 million people. Who have already installed this very popular personal application.

In the application, wallpapers suitable for your screen size will be displayed just for you. All images are of high quality and of various resolutions. Support for any device, including large screen devices: 1080×1920 pixels (Full HD, 1080p) and 2160×3840 pixels (Ultra HD, 4K).

  • Honest wallpaper size only, no additions.
    You will not find cheap wallpapers in the wallpapercraft application, we do not include them. You won’t notice that our wallpaper is not the right size for your screen resolution.
  • Cut manual wallpaper at the bottom of your screen.
    All the app wallpapers were manually trimmed so that you can enjoy great photos for your mobile phone.
  • New wallpaper every hour.
    More than 5000 wallpapers for smartphones with 2K screen 1440×2560 pics, 1000 4K open wallpapers 2160×3840 pixels for phones with 4K display.
  • Save battery and resources.
    as well as allows you to use the app at maximum speed without compromising image quality.
  • Original wallpaper at the moment.
    We follow all the trends in the world. You will get the latest background image from us. The most beautiful place in the world, just beautiful wallpaper for city, country and any mood and aspiration.
  • Ease of use and nothing more.
    We strive for a simple and easy application for you, removing all unnecessary and focusing on the main thing – wallpapers and their quality.

No need to see more wallpaper apps. A never ending selection of free backgrounds that supports the most common screen sizes.
The background supports the use of Full HD wallpapers and 4K wallpapers as backgrounds.
Is Essie like a black phone wallpaper, or any wallpaper? you got this!
Screen wallpaper, home screen wallpaper, or the option to lock at the same time.
The automatic selection option is a new background that rotates at selected intervals.
Cool your background with cool filters and stickers.

live wallpaper
Home Imagine having stunning video effects as a background on your home screen. you got this!
Live Our live wallpapers do not drain your battery – only when your home screen is on.
No need to install additional new live wallpapers – it is embedded in the app.
Comprehensive list of standard live wallpapers for all tastes.

No need to see more ringtone apps. A never ending selection of free ringtones incorporating music, effects and fun tones. Probably the largest selection of the biggest ringtones in the world.
Option to set personal contact ringtone, alarm sound and default ringtone. Make great ringtone for your mother or sister.

Vmos Site Link

Voice of alarm and notification
A large selection of notifications notifications, alert tones and fun tones.
Option to set alert and alarm sound.

Add a sticker to the wallpaper and create your own background.
Set or share the wallpaper as a wallpaper in the messaging app and social media.
Change the wallpaper to make the memo cool!

Favorite and save
Add a word or wallpaper to your favorites without downloading favorites.
Use your ringtone and background on all your devices including simple login.
Notice about limited edition holiday wallpapers and ringtones for winter such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year, Halloween and Christmas plus birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and many more. To accept

Application permission notification
Contacts: If you want to set a different ringtone in your address book contacts.
/ Photos / Media / Files: You need to allow custom wallpapers, ringtones or notifications to sound and use.
• Storage: At this time you need to display or use background, ringtone or notification word set.
Settings System Settings: Optional if you want Ring Phone to be the default phone ringtone.
• Location: If you want specific suggestions based on your location.

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