Ehsaas Rashan Program

The federal government of Pakistan has launched a type of rationing program for eligible people during this difficult time due to the coron virus lockdown. How to apply for the Favor Ration Program (Complete Guide) in both English and Urdu.

In addition, you can apply for the Kindness Emergency Cash Program. 12000 grant to eligible families. The complete application guide can be found on the following post.
Fill your details in the details form shown on the official website of the Favor Ration Registration Program, which should include your name, NADRA CNIC number, number of family members, full resident’s address and mobile number. General chat chat lounge

After submitting all the details in detail, please click on the complete “button” to submit your application for the ration program.
If you do not receive your ration from the Favor Ration Program in four days, you will have to report to the statistics section with full details (MW name, address, CNIC number and phone number). You must send an SMS to 4417.
According to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office Media Wing, the Prime Minister observed that the portal would enable donors and donors to reach the right people, apart from distributing appropriate, transparent and merit-based rations. The system will also ensure this.

The private sector will take care of the supply and supply of cash or cash equivalent to the price of the ration. Donors can also choose which category they would like to benefit by listing the criteria.

Donors and potential donors can register on the Favor Ration Portal at and eligible beneficiaries will be verified using pre-paid data.

There is also a special qualification for donors, and only reliable, tax-efficient and large-scale organizations will not be allowed to be part of the sentiment rationing program.
According to a statement, Chinese doctors expressed satisfaction over the precautionary measures taken by the Punjab government and their treatment in government facilities. During the meeting, Chinese doctors and chief nurses shared their experiences and experiences on ways to prevent and spread the virus.

He assured the government that it would provide all possible help to prevent and end the epidemic.

Chief Minister Osman Bazdar and Health Minister Yasmin Rashid questioned Chinese doctors on various issues related to the virus. “We will work solely on the suggestions and recommendations of Chinese doctors,” Bizdar said at the meeting.

We deeply appreciate China’s cooperation and assistance in effectively dealing with this epidemic.

Meanwhile, Chinese doctor Qatar Memong Hui said that the possibility of the corona virus spreading in hot weather cannot be ruled out. The Chinese delegation suggested strict adherence to social distance from which many could avoid.
Initially, Prime Minister, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Social Security and Poverty Alleviation. Sanya Nishtar said that this portal was developed under the principles of the framework of mercy policy, under which people receiving assistance will be provided with security as well as access. About the people who deserve it.

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