E2PDF – Backup & Restore Contact, Call, SMS

By | August 25, 2019

Now You can get almost everything XML or PDF backups (contacts, specific contacts logs, call logs, SMS backups, call log status, SMS stats, trotlocker) and you can get instant emails , Google Drive / Dropbox or any location. General Chat Lounge. Meghar place / you come. In addition to SMS and Cole, there is also security and regeneration support for cows, SMS, Cole, leading lady, and basic level.

Application Features
SMS breaks and redirects are a simple and easy application that resells your SMS and MMS via Barstogoli and Back Blog.

1- PDF / Defense SMS Barak retrieved and retrieved.
E2PDF introduces a simple, timely application that aims to communicate your point of view. You can restart, or display the PDF exactly. One of the things you have to do a while ago.

Here’s how E2PDF.

  • Send an SMS to your conversation for fun.
  • Boxed text burgundy by her part and a girl.
  • Editing your experience with your co-workers or patients.
    Like this application, UPDFF. Whether through concealed carry or through the use of communications with legal recordings or with subsequent investigations.

2- Call Target (Generated Product, Production, Famous Call, Date Status)
Some call options have recycling and recycle features, callback call can be a backup call and other devices should be recycled. It was written that Bacolls created Excel format. PDF Backup Features Use it when you click and test to dial, invoice, call a presidential or complete call.

3- Contact Resources (Al-Shayk, SMS, LLC)
Familiar acquaintance familiar Select. Select …… Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail… This Traveler uses full messaging features. Trickler’s features are completely free. Contact people who use SMS tracking features.

4- Call Statistics
Specify the daily power of the correct name dial dial, below, on Mr. Call and Symbol Call Indication. You know the history of that date.

5- SMS Statistics
SMS required connection, you write messages / sms. Possible number preparation and time / specific duration of SMS. Get the number

Contact-1 (contact name, contact number, contact email address)
You can now contact your gender by name, contact number, email address.
Tim…………….. Yours. Your own .. your Your. you ……..

Google Contact
Google Stick PDF PDF Brock / Rafty Follow this step.
Go to your tribe.

  • Select Select.
  • Select a contact.
  • If you don’t like a wedding, choose your Gmail account.
  • Go back to E2PDF and select the ‘Life menu’ and perform the normal procedure.
  • Google Administration PDF Rift Year and Location.

PDF created with the help of Stuffed Authors., So that the output file is compatible with almost all famous readers, including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Expodo PDF Reader, Balance, Ready, Preview, Foxt, PDF Exchange and many more. do not have. Install

Output enhanced flight e-mail, handset, wifi director, bluetooth made it possible and you can go
E2 PDF features are free.
Trickler backup, Google connection, SMS, Phone connection backed up.

E2PDF to work with the other SMS reactor application.

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