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By | May 25, 2020

Cool Cleaner is an effective Android tool to reduce the performance of your phone and deal with all the worries to protect your mobile!

Junk cleaner
To reclaim storage, the Junk Cleaner can detect and clean up cache junk, including files, junk, memory caches, and other junk files.

Phone booster
One tap to speed up the phone with a better user experience.

Memory booster
Clear unnecessary applications running in the background to free up memory (RAM).

CPU cooler
Turn off your phone heating apps to cool your mobile.

Battery saving
Do apps that run in the background, run out of battery, and increase battery usage?

Application locker
Check your apps to protect your privacy, never worry about privacy leaks.

Reference cleaner
Clear unnecessary and annoying notifications in your notification bar, prevent your phone from slowing down due to annoying and trash notifications.

Application Manager

To protect your phone, detect and remove viruses, viruses and malware.

For faster, more powerful phones, remove the remaining files and unused applications with a simple tap.
Cool Cleaner improves the performance of your phone and speeds it up by removing junk from your mobile.

New We made it very clear

Device analysis
Offers deep performance scans of your device’s storage, powerful junk, and file cleanups, as well as provide hints and opportunities to increase useful performance.

Advanced Image Flicker: Control the size and quality of custom images using Comparative View to help you choose the right settings for you.

Remove ads: Remove ads from your cleaning experience.
Everest Direct Support: Contact the Everest app directly to get instant feedback on your search.

Key Features of Cool Cleaner:

Junk Cleaner: A pre-installed app remover removes a pre-installed Blu-ray app that doesn’t use or slow down your phone.
. Device Manager: System Screen: View all important information about your device on your screen.

Ice Device Manager: The app suspends applications temporarily to hibernate, prolong battery life, increase mobile data, clear memory, and improve device speed.
K Junk Cleaner: Remove Junk: Avant Cleanup analyzes your phone’s storage space and cleans all unnecessary data.
With one tap you can easily delete stored data without any purpose.
The Cleanup Advisor option gives a detailed overview of all the data on your phone.
Uninstall apps with one tap to free up space, speed up your device and turn off Android League.
Clean Phone Cleaner cleans your device’s largest files, media, applications and junk.
Use the ignore list to mark the lists you want to list on your device.
Minimize your storage space by optimizing and accelerating your Android device.

What is the new cool cleaner?

Get more space from Drop Roopbox, Google Drive or OneDrive

Make more space on your phone right now when you want to access your data. Move everything you like to your favorite cloud storage system with the cloud transfer feature.

Other benefits:

And clear the rest of the files
O Get rid of unused requests
Clear cache, media and other large files
o Increase strength, efficiency and speed with regular cleaning
o Clean default apps, remove junk and get rid of the Bluetooth you need

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