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Back up your data directly from your device. You want to back up your photos or documents and we securely store them on DeGro’s cloud drive. Diego lets you bring all your photos, videos, music and documents anywhere. Save and share your files forever with the ultimate cloud drive Diego on your mobile phone or tablet.

Why use – Features

Mothers: Get all the memories of your past. We use artificial intelligence to select the photos that are most important to you. Every time you open it, you’ll find new images that you haven’t seen in a while. A gateway to recharge your digital life!

Enhance Zero Knowledge: Our top secret feature is uploading your files using Zero Knowledge Encryption and spreading it across multiple continents (requires a Pro account). This military grade encryption ensures that no one can access your data and is stored with maximum privacy and security.

Automatic: We detect that you take a new photo with your camera or add some files to make sure your backup is always up to date. Never think of backing up again! We back up, store and sync all your data for you directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Reliable: At Diego we store triple copies of each file to make sure they’re always there when you need them. Just upload them to our Mega Secure Storage Explorer and access them whenever you want.

Support: Using our fullscreen stream player allows you to access all your video and music streams in real time without waiting for the download to finish.

Earn extra gigabytes: You can easily gain more space by watching anonymously sponsored videos or upgrading to our Pro account.

Remote online access: Keep all your data in the cloud and access it instantly from all your devices. Access all documents in your office, such as text documents, PDFs, zip archives, and notes within minutes, wherever you are. Diego lets you retrieve your files at any time, from online storage to any device around the world.

Simple File Extensions: In My Files you can instantly list all your files in your Explorer and use our Handy File Viewer to access and share your files and folders directly in your applications. Are Put all your data at your fingertips, save everything in your folder, and sync whenever you want to back up your data completely.

Highly efficient and fast: The application is very lightweight and uses minimal RAM, battery and CPU. Continue to use your memory space and power for more important work, and enjoy mega-fast uploads.

Automatic login: Our Smart Sign helps you log in to all your devices without using your keyboard or remembering your password.

Unlimited Data Transfer: To send our files quickly, send all your content over the Internet, including our File File Plugin, using the same protection grade when saving your files. You can share as many files as you want to help your friends and colleagues stay connected, and you’ll get creative collaboration space for all the files you send from your phone.

Easy to use: We recently rebuilt our file manager from scratch. This new version has a very clean interface with a nice chrome finish and simple design, which makes it easy to stick to the top of your work. Just keep all your files in Diego and we should take care of the rest.

Fit 10 more photos (requires Pro): Our Photo Storage Maximizer mode enables you to fit 10 times more photos on your phone. Just the Photo Storage Maximizer and the Diego app automatically give you more space on your SD card.

If you need more than 100 GB, you can upgrade to our affordable account.

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