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Check All Details

Use our original caller ID to locate a call just by clicking on the icon and see photos and names of unknown callers and contacts in your phonebook. Sync with Facebook to automatically add photos to your phone’s dialer, contacts and address book, including Facebook. Check the number of anonymous calls with our normal caller… Read More »

Whatsapp Sms Recover

WhatsApp is a free application that lets you monitor your WhatsApp and WhatsApp business notifications and save all your WhatsApp deleted data (deleted messages, deleted photos, deleted videos, etc.) Can do It helps you save WhatsApp business status. You can easily download WhatsApp videos status and photos and view them later in this app WhatsApp… Read More »

Fleksy Keyboard

Discover the fastest keyboard with full emoji keyboard, free theme, GIF, sticker and an advanced automatic customization. Emojis, words and services are also offered with Flexi, as you write, thanks to Flexistic AI. TouchPal’s best choice.The default keyboard app gives you monotony and loneliness, the most used keyboard app in apps but you get annoyed… Read More »

Notification Changer

Notification Bar Customization / Notification Bar Changer and Status Bar Changer is a new customization drawer and status bar changer that includes news, calendar, control of all applications and wallpaper or GIF set as the background of your notification bar. !! Yes !! You can now place wallpapers or photos or GIFs as the background… Read More »

ECL tunnel

EC Tunnel, also known as Antclass Tunnel – is a free proxy VPN with SSH, HTTP and SSL connections. This protects your Internet traffic while using public hotspot / Wi-Fi or even your local Internet service. This will help you bypass firewalls and page blocks. Interestingly, you can access the free Internet using built-in proxy… Read More »

Fami Safe

FamiSafe is a trusted parental control app designed to protect children 24/7 online. It reduces the burden on parents and promotes children healthy digital habits through many powerful features such as location tracker, explicit content detection, screen time, web content filters and app blockers. FamSafe is a cross-platform parental control application that works on mobile… Read More »

Number Finder 2020

Live tracker and personal tracker parts are being used in Pakistan to get any number of details in 2019.In this app you can check any number and CNIC details for free. In this application we have added Personal Tracker and Live Tracker to make Number Tracker free and faster.This app gives you number ownership and… Read More »

Earn Money With Games

It is always fun to play. They can benefit all gamers and gamers from there and make money. This does not mean that you will quit your job or spend hours playing games. Even if you spend time sitting for your appointment, you can play games to thicken your wallet and make money. This post… Read More »


This application can create application shortcuts from the list of activities installed on your phone.Even if you have a lot of apps installed, you can easily select an activity. You can use Quick Short Maker to find the application you want to launch.If you want to use an application that you do not use often,… Read More »