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Super SMS Backup lets you easily backup call logs to SMS Backup, Contact Backup, XML, PDF, CSV and send them instantly to any cloud location. (Dropbox, Google Drive) or email or wherever you want. Can save there.

  • Free backup and restore features available in XML
  • Free PDF backup is available for chat, call logs and contacts
  • Free CSV backup of SMS and call logs is available.

Features of the application period

1- Restore using SMS, call log backup and XML

Users will be able to enjoy their SMS backups and restore benefits using XML freely. The application allows full SMS backup with a single click. After receiving the SMS backup, users can transfer the XML backup file to another device where they can recover the SMS using this application. Call log backup and restore services are also available. The application can back up call logs available on mobile devices.

2- PDF SMS backup

The Super Backup app is completely free and there is no limit to convert SMS to PDM. The user will select the SMS thread from all the SMS chats and in the next step the user will be able to see all the SMS conversations that are hidden. The user will enter the name of the output file and in a few seconds, the generated PDF will open. The generated backup file can be saved to a local drive or email and shared instantly.

3- Call log backup pdf (dial dial, recorded, missed call, date range)
Users can log call back in full or private dial, call accept or back up as dial. This selection can be further filtered using the date range.

Send SMS, call backup to CSV

Super Backup now lets users back up their SMS and call logs to CSV. CSV is developed using comma-separated formats and is compatible with Microsoft Excel.

5- Communication backup for PDF (name, number, email address)
Communication backup on PDF is completely free and can back up contacts from users, numbers and email addresses. In all of the above fields, users can select from a minimum of 1 field to a maximum. Communication backups can be saved via instant email or in a cloud location.

6- Report call statistics
The Call Stats feature allows the user to retrieve complete information about call log stats with a separation of dialed, received and missed calls on a daily basis. The generated PDF is very simple and easy to understand.

7- SMS data report
The SMS statistics report gives the user a deep insight into the SMS sent or received on a daily basis.

With Super Backup, you can take

  • SMS backup of your friends’ conversations for fun
  • Back up your family SMS and love once.
    SMS backup of your business interactions with your coworkers or contractors
  • Backup contacts
  • Call log backup
  • SMS statistics report
  • Call statistics report

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