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Hello guide today I am going to tell you how you can earn money online from new earning website unitedaj baaj, from Pakistani website unitedaj baaj you can earn unlimited money from this site. I am giving you complete information about this request.

1: Open UnitDabiob before my website link. Enter the link below.
2: Register your new account on UnityDadJob

registration required !!!

1: name
Enter your real name
2: email
Please enter your email
3: phone number
enter your phone number
4: see code
Use reference code

Referral Code: 18848
Use this referral code on the unitidebus site.

5: age
enter your age

6: Finally fill the captcha and click on the register button. Your account will be successfully created in the new online earning website Unity Edge.

In this, you have to buy a package.

Now let’s talk about how to buy a package on this website.

You only get a 400 pound package. Can buy
To purchase this package you must first create an account on this website.
When you create an account on this website you will see a lot of options.
From these options, you have to click on upgrade option.
You can make different payments as soon as you click on the upgrade option
You can buy your package for just Rs 400 for life.
Purchase a Rs 400 package with an easy Pizza JazzKash account.

How to buy Rs 400 package on UniteAjobjob website

1: Click the upgrade button
2: Choose your payment method

Easy Money or Jazz Cash

3: If you select one of these two methods, you will be given a payment number. You have to send money to this number.
4: Your transaction is identified as soon as you send the money.
5: For every money you send, you will have to enter money and click on Next button.
6: In the next step, your transaction ID box will remain open.
7: When you send money, you will recognize the transaction and put this ID in the transaction ID box.
8: Now click on the Verify button of your account on the UniteAdjob website which will upgrade successfully.

After site upgrade account

Now you can earn money by watching advertisements from UniteAdjob site
You will get Dell 12 ads.
When you first create an account, you get 20 advertisements. If you give me the scoop, you will get 50 rupees for free.
After that you will get 10 ADS daily.
If you refer friends, you will get paid advertisements.
Paid ADSs are more expensive.
You can make a lot of money from paid advertising.

When you make money on this site, you can easily withdraw it into your ACPA Jazz Cash account,
You can visit the website for more information.

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