Beauty Plus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

A part from beauty, the camera has converted daily photos into a complete, affordable picture.

Plus 800 million? What? Learn to choose more than $ 300 million in a month to modify your photos, photos, and videos. Here’s a tip: Beauty still offers powerful yet yet powerful editors, artistic effects, additional information (RR filter) and more opportunities to play next stage. So we’re ready to send the best of your social media account!

Enjoy some Christmas fun and elegant filters, with automatic editing facilities of Beauty Plus.

Sometimes beautiful and naturally looking pictures and videos are not easy to make. With Beauty Plus, you can add acne points, glossy eyes, dental damage, color change, filtering, and special effects, fog, and more.

It’s our little secret!
Beauty Plus works with real people for famous photographers, famous artists, photographers and promotions. This is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It is not very good to modify yourself that you have used such a habit that shows you naturally beautiful without strict filtering.
Bitpsons – Magic Magic is a version of an Android version app that enables you to capture small images in the picture frame and you feel great for it.

Beauty Plus – The elegant way to use the magic camera, exit your color, become your eyes wide, face face, increase the face, and usually paint the picture. Make a more interested person. All this can be done with a small, approximate retro retrode, which can apply to your fingerprint.

With this change, you can also use the beauty picture – any magic picture to change your original changes to your image, make heart and other stickers, and change the filter effects like beauty. To leave Stay there

Beauty Plus – The magic camera is a good photo editing tool, due to its easy-to-use interface, you can touch your favorite photos in seconds.

Skin editor

  • The beauty camera adds a shiny color to the perfect face and the pictures of itself
  • Save our special skin sheet + skin
  • Belt removal pump and other skin problems with a tape help.

Perfect eyes

  • Back in your pocket and remove black circles
    Print the light eyes and their pictures
    Use personalized communication to change the color of your hair and hair according to hair color

Completely smile
Beauty editor with your smile brush teeth
Every time you get a smile you smile a smile

Live Auto Retro (New !!!)
Must be retirement immediately? Your own editor works for you! Retrieve and review your special photos and videos with cosmetics with special effects. Select whatever you want and click in one of your photos or videos and change your social media accounts.

Magic brush
Make yourself a new look with your unique effects brush and pictures: Fun, neon, stars, heart and funny are very pleasant to fill your imagination. Enjoy finger painting with different colors!

Professional photo editing
False: Automatically put a professional look with Miss Miss immediately. Swipe to apply only performance!
Crop: The perfect self and the picture is just a crop! Tip to change and sprinkle

  • Photo filters: Dramatically, there are dozens of special filters for popping on your own and pictures.
    Professional control: Improvement, stability, stability and freedom to improve yourself and your favorite photos to improve yourself!

Additional features:
Cells do everything – works with front butyps and external cameras

  • Selfie Timer is designed to get you full-handed free shot
  • Multiple face detection allows you to go to a group shot!
    Perfect light light in black places? No problem beautifully exhibit performance
    When you are ready to share when editing, you can share popular social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Photos!

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