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Hi today, in which post we will tell you how you can extend the battery time of your phone? If you are worried about the time of your phone battery, then read the full post.

After multiple apps are installed, your phone or tablet should never be lazy and have a battery hanger. With GreenLife, your device will run as smoothly and lastly as you did on the first and first day!

With GreenLife, you can identify malicious applications when you are not actively and passively using them, and prevent them from hijacking or hibernating your device personally. Help put it on! By preserving full functionality when running in preview, they cannot do anything without explicit projection from you or other applications.

Today I will tell you how you can extend the battery time of your phone. And in today’s post, I will tell you one more thing which is best for your phone. This is an app for Android mobile phones.
You can do a lot with this app, especially by increasing the time and speed of the phone and your mobile will not get hot.

You have always noticed that when you play a game or you listen to music or watch videos, your phone starts heating up, your phone’s battery runs out quickly, so if your phone’s battery life is over So what should we do? In this app you have to do four things as I told in the video in YouTube Vickey Tech.

You may have seen many apps that increase the time of the phone’s battery or you will hear it often, but the way I tell you, you can increase the time of your phone’s battery that you will be happy with. This app downloads 5 minutes on the Play Store and it will be amazing when you use it.

Important: Greenfinishing an application means that you know that all background functionality of this application (service, periodic tasks, event receivers, alarms, widget updates, push messages) is hijacked. Except when you are using this application. General chat chat lounge

One thing you have always noticed is that when the application is hot on your phone or when you use a mobile phone, make calls, watch videos, your phone battery drains very quickly. You don’t know that when you use the phone, there are many applications running in the background of your phone.

You will never stop them. This is the reason that if you want to increase the time of your phone battery, then your phone battery time is not much, so download this app.

Main feature:

Your phone never gets warm with this app

This application will improve the speed of your phone

With this application, you can stop the application running in the background of your mobile phone.

With this app, your mobile will never warm up or hang up.

This app is easy to use and you do not need to connect to this app.

The app is running in the background of the mobile phone with this application. You can stop it within 1 second and the request will stop running.

The biggest advantage of this application is that any application you close after this application will not use your internet data.


Device Admin: This app is for automatic hibernation on non-connected devices. Use administrator privileges to close the screen. Your consent will only be explicitly requested if this permission is required.
Draw application: Automatically dim the screen during hibernation when the screen is expected to close.
Passive screen linking and service capability: automatic hibernation to work on non-connected devices.
Get accounts and write rights settings: Control the sync of apps account if it is being synced repeatedly.

How would you like this application to extend battery life? You should comment below my website. Keep supporting us, our website and our YouTube channel Vickey Tech more applications and great videos. Thank you! Download Button Application: As soon as you click this button, you can easily download this application. a lot!

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