Monthly Archive: March 2021


Psychological effects of Technology & its treatment

We all are aware of the blessing called technology, we can’t deny its benefit but everything has both negative and positive aspects. Most people have a focus on its advantages but not on its...


Good & bad effects of technology in Education

Technology is helping us in every step of our life. The main part of machines are seen in the educational field, students find it so difficult to study, In school life, they have different...


How Technology Helps to promote Business

We all know about the importance of technology in our daily life. That is how we are living our life in a lenient way. We don’t need to be worried about anything, whether it...


Influence of Robotics on Human Life

Robotics is another name of technology, which the technicians have provided us to make our life easy. We can take a lot of advantage from this but now we have robots with us, which...


How is Mass Communication serving humanity?

Mass communication is the process of imparting or exchanging information on a global scale. This can be in different forms like exchanging political information, discussion on any topic, etc. it makes an individual social,...


How Fashion Weeks are organized?

Fashion weeks are the occasion in which all the kinds of fashions and cultures are shown. It is organized to appeal to people towards a new collection of designs. It is also a way...

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