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Impacts of technology on students’ learning

People are always seen debating about the issues and impacts of technology in education. Some of the people are of the view that we can’t take steps without using technology in our lives and...

A Software for the parents-teacher meeting 0

A Software for the parents-teacher meeting

A Software for the parents-teacher meeting ( tech ) It is a common misconception among teachers and parents that their child is fully dependent on school, what he learns, becomes part of his personality,...


Downside and limitations of videos games in education

We can’t ignore the benefits of video games. Research says that playing video games enhances the motor and critical skills of the youngsters, also they are an effective tool to build up leadership and...


Benefits and flaws of Twitter

Now, online meetings are much more efficient and reliable than live meetings. It is becoming a trend that people don’t meet each other but they prefer to talk or work on video calling. It...


Cyber security & Ethical Hacking

Cyber security Technology has introduced many features and machines which include all the comforts of life, we need them at every step of life, but where the technology is adding comforts in our life,...

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