8 changes can help you to distract yourself from social media

We all are aware that we must be spending maximum time to scroll up and down on social media, we have made many accounts and now we consider it our duty to give equal time to all of them as we also find something different on every platform, it could be Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. All the apps have their popularity, usage, and provide multiple news whether it is about politics, personal, or official, we can find everything here.
But the important thing is, are we born to do this all? Don’t we have any other ambitions or career goals at all? Yes, we must have. So why are we spending most of our time on them? If you are doing it for career and business purposes, nothing wrong with this, but don’t waste your precious life on these things.

If you are agreed to the above conversation and thinking about leaving that but you don’t know any solution that can help you to leave this curse, you are almost there. Here I have some ways that can help you to distract yourself from these things.

Only watch television at night :

The more you watch tv, the more you will get attracted to the news and current affairs, which may compel you to search more about it, so watch tv just in the night before sleep so that you can sleep just after that and find no time to scroll down your newsfeed and you can easily sleep reducing your screen time.

Use a laptop only in the office :

Try to use a laptop in an office as much as you can, because when you will do it for work, you wouldn’t desire to use it for fun or relaxation, because you will get tired of it and if you are using it for your productivity or work, nothing wrong in it, it will also be useful for your work.

Subscribe to more magazines :

Reading magazines and printed media is better than wasting your time in screening as it is also harmful to your health. When you start taking interest in print media you will have a choice in it and trust me you would love reading that, in fact, you just want to lay off your phone and want to read it without any distractions.

Stop playing video games :

Playing video games online, could be an addiction, especially for the youngsters, they are paying more attention towards playing online games and they don’t have an idea about the time and they just spend many hours playing, and watching movies can also be one of the reason, they can be addicted to watching movies back to back.

Go for a long drive for no reason :

It would be the best option that can work in your favor, go for a long drive, if you have no reason or no companion, do it for yourself, as you have the right to spend your precious time with yourself without any distractions. You must feel burdenless and you will see that there are many other things to do rather than be connected to social media.

Create a schedule

Everything should have a schedule especially when it is about future life and health also, so make up a daily or weekly schedule, prioritize your business or student tasks ( if you are a youngster ) add hangouts, outings, meeting with friends also, social media distraction don’t mean that you will leave all your activities, but is just about having a check and balance among all the aspects of life.

Research where your time is going

The use of smartphones can also be helpful to reduce screen time, what you need to do is just have an app installed on your phone and set it exactly to the app on which you want to reduce screen time. Facebook, for example, if you are using it for 3 hours per day and want to reduce the screen time, adjust the time of the particular app to 1 hour 30 minutes, it will notify you if you exceed the limit.

Aim for a sound sleep

A social media addiction can’t sleep well at night as he always thinks of using various platforms and posting on them, he can’t stop himself to post or upload what he is doing z eating and where he is going, if it happens, you need to distract yourself from a sound sleep, yes, be determined about your sleep and leave everything when it’s time to sleep. Moreover, stop checking your phone right after you wake-up.

You can avail yourself an option to distract yourself from the digital world, you will find more and better reasons to live for.

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