Deep Fake Videos are the disgust for Humanity

We are in a time where the world is full of flaws and liars, and it has become so difficult to compare and judge what is real and what is fake. On one hand, it is an important part of life and we can’t live a peaceful life without it, but we have to face the haters too, who just tend to annoy people and make them afraid of risks and dangers, they feel satisfied and happy through this. They have not left the technology either. They make videos to harm individuals or groups, whether they are a part of any company or running their own business. Deep fake videos are one of them, which are made to dig a person in danger. It uses a mixture of artificial intelligence, computer, and machine learning software which creates a video that is actually not real. Not only the information but also the sound and photos can be depicted by using graphic cards, encoders, and decoders. Using all this stuff, they make a mixture of fake videos and relate them to a particular person, and it looks so real that it gets difficult to judge whether it is real or not. Here we will discuss some dangers of deep fake videos ⦁ People get confused between truth or fake When people are being shown false information as a truth, they will neglect the genuine information by saying that it is fake. It mostly happens to hide the truth and to distract others. Because these videos can also be made to favor a person or any organization when the truth is not favorable. ⦁ Some apps may not protect your data Apps in mobile always ask for access to our personal data, and you have to give access to them to use the particular app by trusting the makers that our information must be secured, but don’t trust the video makers or related app’s policies blindly it may be a scam and designed just to collect personal information and data. Tiktok, for example, the users have to submit personal information for using it and they make real videos so there are more chances of their use for exploitations. ⦁ It could ruin anyone’s career The scammers mostly work for organizations to hack the data of some celebrity, rich businessman or politician, etc, because they are jealous of their reputation and want to let them down and ruin their career but it can also have worst impacts on the commoners like students or other individuals because if the videos get viral, it would be disastrous for the reputation socially and will also affect their career in future. Deep fake VS social media Social media, which is considered to be the big platform for hacking and grabbing people’s personal information but in a deep fake case, platforms on social media like Instagram, Facebook, youtube have taken adequate measures to save the users from this disgust, they start banning and removing these. Facebook, has already the policy that all the information or text posted on Facebook are not totally authentic and true. Facebook and Instagram have left deepfake videos and declared them a curse for humanity Youtube, is also taking steps for banning and removing it from the platform to save reputation and also for the ease and security of the viewers. Other platforms like TikTok and FaceSwap are also facing security issues because a large number of audiences are using this even if you want to be a part of it, you have to show your face, and that’s how it is getting non-secure. How can you figure out deep fake stuff? Unfortunately, there is no stronger point, to point out whether the material is true or false because the scammers are much capable in their scam, but there are some ways that might help you. ⦁ Stare at the background, if it feels edited, or seems like an image has pasted on the specific background, it can be a false image. ⦁ In a fake video, just notice the sound, movements, and lights as they will not give a natural look. ⦁ Most importantly, trust your gut, if you feel that something wrong has happened to the video image, don’t waste your time and just report it to cybercrime. ⦁ Pay attention to the subject in the video, if it blinks, you may don’t need to worry but if not, there is a big reason to worry. You may not find a single person who would be happy to see you in peace and success except you and your loved ones whom you can trust, beware of all the persons around you whether you are in a public place or at your work, nobody knows who can harm anyone, anytime!

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