Clear space in your iPhone without Deleting Photos

As a youngster, it is so precious for you to take pictures and make videos on the phone which makes your day and maybe your life memorable. That’s why most people prefer to buy a phone with heavy storage. But if you are an iPhone user, you must be aware of the worst feeling when you are making a video that you want to save for a long time or a photo in which you are looking beautiful, sudden a pop-up message blinks on the top of your phone “ storage almost full ‘ and unable to take a photo “. and you have to delete your precious memories to free up space to make a new one. Do you want to get rid of this bad feeling? If yes, read this full article, here we are suggesting some ways to clear space in your phone without losing your precious memories. There are some easier ways to get free from that anxiety. Delete useless and storage eating apps : People love to have a lot of apps on their mobile as it shows that their mobile has a lot of space and they have something special to do with these apps but these are actually good for nothing, they just eat their mobile’s space. So why keep those apps that deprive you to save memorable pictures, delete those apps which are rare in use, it’s the easiest way to make a room for your memories. You just have to click on settings and go to the network or mobile apps, start from the top to find unnecessary apps, select them and say goodbye. Use the cloud to save videos : Videos are considered to be the most storage catching medium of the phone, and when it comes to free up storage. Sadly, the first thing we do is, delete lengthy videos from the phone but now we have found the solution and that is the cloud which has served us with much ease as it can save videos in it, that don’t interrupt our phone’s storage, we can easily enjoy watching our memorable videos any time without losing storage from phone Delete old texts : Most of the people don’t remove their old conversation as they don’t have an idea of how much they are taking up your storage space. Go to your settings and select the unnecessary old messages and reset your keep messages to 30 days ( if you select this option, it will del all your texts older than 30 days ), avail this option for the better storage of your phone Clear your browser’s cache : We all know about clearing cache on computers but it can also be applied to mobiles. You have just to go to settings, ( any browser ) and “ clear history and website data “ to clear cache storage. It may take some time to load but it will free up your valuable space on your phone. Turn off automatic app updates : If you are on data mode, never update your apps as it sucks your battery and data as compared to when your mobile is using wifi, so it’s better to wait for wifi for updating them. Turning off your automation enables you to update the selected apps so just go to settings, the Itunes & App Store, and turn off updates. Stop using My Photo Stream : When you enable iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream, your recent photos are included in the My Photo Stream on your phone. The pictures are stored for 30 days and if you don’t need to make up to your iPad from your iPhone, then you can lose this feature to free up space for any memorable time. ( make sure you have saved any photos that you’d like to keep, before turning this feature off ). Avoid downloading stuff for offline use : it especially stands for those who don’t have a permanent internet connection or have data issue, they tend to download stuff like movies, dramas, novels, etc for reading and watching offline, but they may have no idea how much battery would be consuming due to this offline stuff, so for saving memory or storage, don’t forget to del them after watching or reading that. No need to fill up your cell phone with this stuff, here you have to choose between the photos or this offline stuff because you may have to delete your memorable photos to save this. Follow the above-discussed strategies to make your mobile ready to save precious moments on the spot, free up space to get rid of the situation of anxiety and guilt that you don’t have much space to capture even a single photo

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