Be aware of these 7 ways, it may be killing your iPhone’s battery life

The iPhone is considered to be the best smartphone, they are much expensive but once a person starts using this full of a feature phone, he can’t use any other brand. As it has so many features or apps so it is little to worry about battery timing because No one wants his phone to be dead before reaching a destination or coming back home after spending the whole day outside, especially when you don’t have a spot to charge your phone and you also forget your power bank at home. You have a big reason to worry about your mobile’s battery life when you’re an iPhone user. But everything has a reason, which can be solved by taking a few steps, and as same as you can also save your battery life if you avoid and follow some specific rules. In this article, we will discuss some reasons for battery consumption which should be solved Plugging your iPhone into a non-charging computer : When you see that your iPhone’s battery is getting low, everyone could be worried about it. The only alternative is a laptop or a computer that can give power to your phone, but plugging up the wire in an inactive computer ( in sleep or standby mode ) can create a big problem. Make sure to plug in and turn it on while charging Extreme temperature mattes : Too hot and too cold temperature can be disastrous for battery life because too much heat can permanently cause battery damage especially when the temperature is higher than 95*F. On the other hand, when the temperature is too cold, you may notice that the mobile’s battery automatically starts to decrease, but it is temporary and the phone returns to normal drainage when it warms up. Using the Facebook app : As a youngster, you must be a FB user, you may notice that your battery starts getting lower when you use Facebook, especially the Facebook messenger consumes more battery but why only Facebook? Because the study has discovered that when you remove the Facebook app from iPhones, it saves up to 15% battery life. When you are provided with a battery saving mode then why not turn it on? It would be more useful than your thoughts as it automatically saves the battery to meet up zero points by reducing the brightness and closing the features and apps which require more power to work like iCloud and Airdrop can suck your battery timing. Searching for signals in low service areas : If you are in the area for poor connection and almost no signals so don’t let your sensitive smartphone get in a difficult situation to search out signals to make a call or message, if you are sure that you will not find signals here, then turn on airplane mode, you will not receive a call or message and your phone will be relaxed and can save its battery life itself. Turn on notifications for useful apps : If you receive a lot of notifications throughout the day and you just ignore them as they are useful and you don’t even open them but they light up your phone’s screen and show a popup message plus your mobile vibrates continuously ( if it is in vibration mode ) it would be definitely using much battery, so turn on notification only for useful apps. Not using Auto-brightness : Must use the feature of auto-brightness, as it will help you to save battery life by reducing brightness in dark light, and if you are not a fan of the brightness all the time, turn on the “ auto-brightness ‘ to adjust the screen automatically. It will be beneficial for your iPhone battery life as well as for your eye comfort because the system sets the light according to your eyes and the needs of the environment. When auto-update is “ on” : Almost all the phones are set to ‘ auto-update “ by default, the developer set this because of updating the apps back to back but it can be power consuming for the phones, but it is your choice to turn it off. Go to the setting, click general settings and then click background app refresh, here you will find the option to turn it off and on. Follow these tips to save as much battery as you can on your iPhone! Because these are the most prominent ways of saving battery life for a whole day. And it will be useful if you forget your charger or power bank at home.

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