Are you addicted to social media?

No one can deny the fact that social media is the need of the day. If you treat it like a need, it will be limited, it means if you start taking it as a pill and you think that you can’t live without it, it may not be a need but then it will be your addiction, you must be wondering how it can be? But I tell you, addiction is not about alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other harmful substances that physically harm your health. Today, youngsters are not much addicted to real drugs but they are suffering from an addiction named social media. Addiction is all about those aspects that are ruining your life and harming you in a way that even you do not know that it is happening to you. It may have the worst impact just not only on your health, life, study but your future. Now, you must want to check that you are addicted to it or not, so there are some given points you can check them all and ask yourself whether it has happened to you or not. You get anxious when you can’t assess social media : Have you ever been depressed if you are unable to use social media and chat with anyone who is on your friend list, or even you haven’t scroll down your newsfeed for many hours? It is one of the signs of addiction towards social media, if it happens to you, only you can do something to distract yourself. You can try different things like reading a book or novel or going on a walk, or just go to the kitchen and try a recipe just for distraction. You are using the social platform during your work time : The one who is all dependent on social networking doesn’t find another thing useful he starts checking social media accounts during his work time. He even doesn’t have an idea about the time and work and just lost in scrolling up and down the timeline, it will be disastrous for your job or career you may regret it in the future. It is a warning sign that If you try to leave this, you feel cravings for it as it happens in drug addiction. It is not just about work, they don’t leave the phone even in gathering as nothing else matter for them than just to be connected with social people, You immediately check your phone on hearing a notification : Have you ever felt desperation when you hear a notification tone and you just want to have it and check who is calling you to join a call, a post, or a group? If you can’t resist this feeling, it is an alarming situation for your health. When these things start happening, don’t neglect them and must consult a counselor who can help you in this situation. You check your accounts right after waking up : It would be the prominent sign of addiction towards social media that you can’t even sleep without checking your accounts and you don’t want to sleep if any one of your friends is online and you want to awake and have a chit chat with him. Things don’t end here, in fact, you also want to take a look at them right after waking them, you just lay on the bed and watch youtube videos or scrolling down Facebook even you forget the time, and if someone wants to have a chit chat, you can’t ignore it all no matter what situation you are in. You get impatient for posting : Suppose you are at a party full of joys and when you feel that you can’t post it in your timeline to show where you are, what you are doing, and if you get sad and depressed, it would be the indicator of addiction. Try to Settle yourself in whatever gathering or situation you have, only you can do this for your survival, you have to distract your mind from social media and its activities if you want to do something else than scrolling down the Facebook pages, watching youtube videos or chatting with online friends, only then you can live a normal and happy life You have checked all the symptoms of addiction towards social media if any of the above is happening to you. You need a psychiatrist or counselor who can help you to get back to life.

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