7 things you could do with Jotform

Ever happened? That you are sitting peacefully and suddenly a very important task clicks in your mind which has started and maybe ended hours ago. You can understand the level of anxiety if you have ever gone through this situation. You must don’t want to be in that condition next time, you can take precautionary measures by using technology that is made for your ease. Jot form is an amazing software that creates forms with a drag and drops creation tool with an option to encrypt user data. Moreover, it is used to schedule meetings with your clients or employees if you are working from home, it can give a big helping hand to increase the productivity of your work It has many more features that are not fully used by the users and even they don’t have an idea about every single feature of jot form. Here I have pulled together some more information about the features which can be used by you and your organization. Some tasks can be done on this platform, you may not realize that you can do this. Infinite list widget This feature provides your form of respondents with the facility to enter as many entries as they wish. It is like a discussion in which you can gather lots of ideas and thoughts together to reach a final point. Suppose you are running a business and planning for a trip, you can ask about accessories and luggage taken by you, or maybe a question about food items in the form and your employees can list all their answers in the comments. Collect e signatures Jot form is of great use in the pandemic period. For example, you need signatures of all of yours but you can’t gather them in the same spot, now you can have it through jot form. You don’t need to put everyone in a condition to print out a document and sign it by hand then post it to your address because the jot form is providing you the facility to collect signatures online, such as for online agreements and signing contracts. Accept payments Jot form deals with top payment processors including PayPal, stripe, square, and more. Now you can easily accept donations, custom orders, register guests to an event, book a photography session, and more with this amazing jot form payment form. Automatically generate PDFs from online form responses PDF editor in the jot form enables all the user change data from a submitted form into polished and professional pdfs which can easily be shared, repurposed, and archived using our built-in features Since the PDF documents in the jot form pdf editor get attached to specific online forms, any submission can be used to create multiple PDF documents automatically. Jot form in education We have seen the uses of jot form in business, marketing, etc. but it is not confined to it because it is also helping in education particularly in special education classes to address what is happening, teachers use RSVP cards to teach them and the special students respond in the same way. Once they learn in a classroom they will be able to use it for the rest of their lives. The college and university administration use this for the survey as they ask the students to complete surveys on professors and TA’s. Vendor relations People, especially bloggers use jot form to grab information about the clients or visitors on a website. E.g., we have a small, focused niche of the financial industry, once the owner gets traffic to the site, then they rely on jot form to collect data of the visitors like ( phone number, name, email, etc. ) it doesn’t only benefit the website but also good for the sale. Not only the jot form but there are many forms that are being used for this service, but the reliability is guaranteed because others can be filled and submitted incorrectly but jot Form can’t be! You will definitely see a good increase in sales, just stick to jot form. Jotform, a mobile eye doctor You must be shocked by this service of jot form, we all know that eyeglasses and mobile eye doctors are being used to serve homebound patients and it has replaced paper orders because now the eye mobile doctors input the information provided by eyeglass directly to the consultants or labs for further processing which doesn’t only provide authentic and genuine information but also save time and reduce errors. We see in every step of life how technology is helping us to make our lives easy and tension-free, and we also depend so much on it that we can’t step forward without its help, keep taking benefit from it, but in positive and useful ways.

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