Cyber security & Ethical Hacking

Cyber security

Technology has introduced many features and machines which include all the comforts of life, we need them at every step of life, but where the technology is adding comforts in our life, the scammers or hackers have also found many ways to reach their target. All the problems have solutions, now we have the support of cyber security and ethical hacking which assist us to resist malicious attacks, and security is everyone’s organization. No one wants to get their personal data hacked or stolen regarding personal or financial aspects.
Developing technology has given us protectors in fact it is playing its role to protect us from evils.

People often confuse between cyber security and ethical hackers, Well, cyber security is a broader term that includes all the prevention of a system, however, ethical hacking is just a term or a part of it.
Let’s have a look at them one by one.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the combination of different tools and skills to provide users with the best and secure environment. You might have noticed that you are asked different questions by Google to confirm whether it is you, or someone else is trying to gain access to your account.

Password, for example, when you try to change your password after assuming some malicious activity on your account, Google asks a question to identify the actual user, by asking different questions, and then you get hold to reset your password. This process is done to prevent you from unauthorized access and provide more security to you.
You must have installed software in your system to detect malicious activity, whenever it diagnoses an undefined activity it immediately warns, you and the purpose is to make your device secure.

Types of cyber-threat :

There are three types of cyber threat counter by cyber security.

⦁ Cybercrime is one of the worst types of cyber threat which involves financial payments and can cause huge loss to a particular person or group.

⦁ Cyber-attack, cyber-attacks involve political targets, and the purpose is to gather all political information.

⦁ Cyber terrorism, the purpose of this kind of cyber threat is to undermine electronic machines to cause fear and threat.

Phases of cyber security

There are four phases of cyber security as given below :

⦁ Identification: it is the process of identifying any malicious work in an account using cyber security features.

⦁ Protect: it protects critical data or information by implementing protective measures.

⦁ Detect: it is the process of detecting the occurrence of cyber security events.

⦁ React: in this phase, appropriate actions are taken for the detected cyber security events.

What is ethical hacking?

Suppose you have registered an app, and take all the security measures to save it from every kind of risk and unauthorized access. But how could you be so sure that you have been saved totally, and no one can bypass security protection?
You will test it by doing some changes to your account to make it clear whether the prevention works or not.
So, this process of checking the system against all the possible security breaches is known as ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking is a term and a part of cyber security which deals with finding the malicious activities on the account or any system and solving them before any black hat hacker could exploit them.
It is actually about the validating and testing of the system to discover those weak points in the system which can harm it later, it also informs the organization to take safety measures.
Later, now it is the duty of the organization to hire some cyber security professionals to check out all the activities that help in preventing the information from getting into the hands of hackers and frauds.
These cyber security professionals are called penetrating testers.

Types of Hackers

Two types of hackers exist in the ethical hacking process, one is white hat hackers and the other is black hat hackers, we can modify them by their motives regarding our data or device. As the white hat hackers tend to thrive on personal or professional information by accessing the device and then use it for harassment and profit.
While the white hat hackers resist getting the data in their hands and take advantage.

Benefits of ethical hacking.

⦁ Weak points of the system can easily be found and resolved
⦁ You can implement a solution to remove vulnerabilities
⦁ It protects data from being stolen by hackers
⦁ Investors will trust your system and invest in it if you have a good security system
⦁ It helps protect networks with continuous assessments.

Safety tips:

Cyber security and ethical hacking are helping us to secure data and information but the users should also take security measures for security such as installing anti-virus software, updating software and operating systems, using strong passwords, stop using insecure passwords and avoid clicking unknown files from unknown senders.

Technology has provided us with many security features, but always trust your gut to take an initial step for any task.

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