7 reasons why you must use images for blogs

People try hard and add such things in the blogs which can attract the attention of readers and the customers, but if you have ever noticed that the blogs with pictures have more power to gain necessary attention, it happens because when you are involved in blogging, the use of pictures is essential, it is not only about posting any kind of picture but you must be skillful in choosing them.
There are some reasons why you must make them part of your blog.

Brighter and more visually appealing :
A picture is the best way to enhance the beauty in your post, as it is a very first impact on your readers, if it is visually dull and lacks emotions, most of the customers just leave your website without reading a word.
Visually appealing posts have more chances to get to the notice of the reader if it is eye-catching for the visitors; they just not only read them interestingly but also share them with friends or others.

Better structuring :
Better presentation of your text or blog post is required if you want to run a website successfully and If you use images to explain your text, you can divide the text into parts and post the pictures to explain it back to back. It will look like a story for your visitor and they will read it with interest.
People often scroll up from the post even without liking it with a single click if they don’t understand what the post is all about.
Images are used for an introduction to the story, you can also use infographics in your content, it will not only reduce the reading time but also increase the readability of your text.

Higher SEO rankings :
Did you know? Higher rankings are given to long posts with presentations, text with images, or videos because blog posts with pictures or better presentations perform better in search engines. The use of images and infographics will help you to make your text readable and worthy.
If you are using images, make sure not to use pictures with high pixels as they would be slower in loading that can be frustrating for your reader. If you are a designer so try to design the related images yourself as everyone likes uniqueness and Google too.

Visually longer posts :
If you want a longer post but do not have much stuff to write, use pictures that can better explain your stuff or text. For instance, in “ top 20 fashion designs of 2019 “ your reader would be more attracted if you use 20 images with small descriptions to explain. Sometimes the visitors on designer kind of posts just want to relax and enjoy the stuff there and want to choose the eye-catching and the prominent one, so in this situation, the related images would be enough and you don’t need to be worried about writing a long post on each.

Images make the complex information, understandable :
It is especially about the technical data, which is much difficult to explain and only the words are not enough so if you are a developer, provide some screenshots related to your material. If you are a developer, providing some information on your code also suggests ways to resolve the errors by designing a complete guideline through a table o a chart.
One important point is, don’t get fully dependent on pictures, it might look like you have no information about the images and you are trying to explain just through visuals, so must add small descriptions.

Better exposure in social media:
Have you ever noticed it? We mostly leave posts that have a lengthy description, we don’t find it interesting as compared to which have been explained through images, or when the message is written within the pictures. Images in a blog post leave emotional gestures on the visitors and people love to know the story through the picture and they often like the post without reading the whole story So add the images that are enough to explain that about what your content is!

Pictures motivate the readers:
People learn more from what they see than from what they read because watching a particular image regarding the text, motivates them to follow the text or to leave the bad habit. Cigarettes, for example, your website is about drugs and their effects if you write about their bad impacts will not affect them rather than showing through pictures how these drugs or cigarettes badly impact our liver and are dangerous for life. So there would be more chances of leaving this curse.

Do whatever, you can to make your post readable and for gaining the attention of the visitors. make sure no visitor or customer leaves your website without reading your blog posts.

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