How strength training boosts your health and fitness

We all know the advantages of exercise, we can estimate the importance of exercise by seeing everyone taking exercise after and before going to the work and some of the people are so much dependent on exercise for their better health as they take exercise and do all the things that an make them healthy in their free time or a lunch break. Sometimes it gets difficult to do exercise because of the busy routine.

Well, what if I tell you about a certain kind of exercise which is useful for your heart, strengthens your bones and muscles, helps you to lose weight and improve your balance by maintaining the weight and making you look smarter and feel better. You would want to start it from today as studies show that strength training and regular exercise can provide all those benefits and much more.

According to American Heart Association, Strength training is also known as weight and resistance training that is meant to improve muscular fitness by exercising specific muscles against external resistance including free weight or your body machines.

One thing to keep in mind that strength training is not just about strengthening muscles by lifting weights but it also plays a vital role in preventing the natural loss of lean muscle that comes with aging plus it is an important part of your overall fitness and useful for the people of all ages especially those who have obesity, arthritis, and complicated heart issues.

How does it help?

There are some prominent aspects of good health that are served by strength training, some of them are:

Strength training makes you fitter and stronger

There is a reason for calling strength training resistance training and that is, it involves toning and strengthening your muscles by squeezing them against the resistance force 

There are two types of residence training.

  • Isometric resistance

It involves the contraction of your muscles against the solid force like push-ups on the floor.

  • Isotonic strength training

In this training, a person contracts his muscles through a range of motions, like in weight lifting.

It prevents bone health and muscles mass

Studies say that around the age of 30 we start losing 3 to 5 percent of lean muscles per year.

A study published in 2017 in which it is declared that a high-intensity resistance and impact training of just 30 minutes twice a week is meant to improve functional performance, bone density, structure, and strength in a postmenopausal woman with low bone mass, having no or negative side effect

Things don’t only end here in fact the strength training activities also help to preserve or increase muscle power which is essential for bones and joint health with age

Strength training keeps your body in good weight

You can increase the number of calories you burn in a day and shed extra pounds by aerobic exercise such as walking, running, cycling, etc. But strength training helps in the condition if we are not trying to burn calories in a large amount during the workout. It helps in losing weight because it can increase your resting metabolism.

Strength training helps your body develop better mechanics

In talking about the mechanics, it is important to state, the study shows that people who are more than 40 ( if they practice strength training ) fall ill and get any damage to their body has less likely to suffer worse physical functioning than those who don’t practice it.

The strength of the muscles that you keep on your feet depends on the balance, so the better your balance the stronger your muscles.

Strength training helps your chronic diseases

We have discussed many of the benefits of strength training so how can we forget its contribution to chronic disease as it helps people in maintaining their conditions.

It helps as a medication for those who have artists to give them relief from the pain as well as it has helped almost 14 million people with diabetes 2 as a healthy lifestyle and strength training can help them in controlling glucose level.

Strength training helps in improving mood and energy level

Strength training has a connection with endorphins as it is responsible for lifting energy levels and boosting mood. It is obvious that all exercise can improve energy levels because of increment in endorphins. 

A research study published in 2014 and is declared that for strength training when it is looked at, neurochemical and neuromuscular responses like strength training, have a passive effect on the brain. Not convinced yet? You will be, and it helps you to sleep better.

It translates to more calories burned

Strength training helps in boosting your metabolism but your body can easily burn calories and through weighting and resistance training during and after your workout.

When you start strength training and burn calories, your body keeps on burning calories after this. Your energy depends on the type of workout, exercise, or strength training as the tougher you do, the more energy will be required

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