Avoid cycle of negative thoughts to live a healthy life

We agree that life is full of worries and tensions but what will happen if you just keep on thinking about all that stuff that is already bothering you, how could you possibly find the solution to it? So it is necessary to relax and then think about the possible solution. But people don’t consider this solution and they just depress themselves if they have any problem like they just leave eating a healthy diet, meeting with positive positive people and just stuck at home and even runtime themselves. But that is not how things work, keep in mind, it is life, and things like worries, tensions, and mishap happens, if you get discouraged at once, how can you take a step forward to resolve this out. 

If you are one of the depressed persons and finding out some possible ways to get rid of this feeling, you are at the right place as we are here to suggest you those suggestions that may help you to get out of the stressful situation, 

What is loop thinking?

Loop thinking is often described as the prisoner of thoughts and the person is prisoned in his thoughts and can’t help him to get out of these feelings because they are just repeating them again and again. This situation often occurs when you get less expressive and want others to understand your point of view but you think you are unable to explain. For example, you and your opinion are being ignored every time and no one is ready to understand you. 

So, when you can’t resolve and are less expressive you can’t let those feelings go and just waste your energy and precious time. These things block your energy and you remain unable to live a peaceful and healthy life.

What is the loop experience?

Loop experience, as the name suggests it is like the chain and a loop in which you feel the same feeling with slightly different changes in the environment and the challenges of conditions, 

For instance, you are unsatisfied with your boss or manager despite changing the positions, departments, or even your job. When things tend to repeat themselves again and again in the same manner, it creates a loop of negative experience, and you cough into it.

An exercise may you to bring out of it

There are various techniques that should be used to have relief and peace from the poisoned thought ( loop thinking ) but make sure to have confidence in you that you will definitely get out of this irritating situation because if you are mentally prepared or focused you can help any challenge or situation in life.

So, you can take steps to shift the focus of your attention by using some relaxation techniques like meditating, yoga, socializing, and any kind of exercise 

O personally recommends you to read the book “existential digging “which will empower you to take out time to reflect and find and examine the deepest meaning of your thoughts and experiences.

There is a certain question you may ask yourself so that you get to know better about your negative cycle of thoughts and experiences that may force you to lead an unhealthy life but can be helpful in dealing out with them:

  1. How did you respond and take steps for any kind of station or problem in life? How did you examine the issue before doing anything?
  2. How were your feelings about the experience of the situation? What kind of emotions excite you as the result of experience or situation?
  3. What did you learn from the situation or from your experience? Did you learn any new skills, experience, and attitudes because of the situation?
  4. What will you learn from past experiences and situations? How would you apply what you have learned? Any  Especially the learning for yourself or for your personal development?
  5. How much does it take to get out of the loop thinking of experience?

If you think that finding out the solution to the problem is enough, you might be wrong here but there are some other things that matter as well. Like how did you respond to the particular situation, how you felt, what you learned and at most valuable is how will you grow from that experience?

Make your mind to make a commitment today and decide to stop repeating old patterns of thinking and behavior to stop looping and find out something more executing and valuable in life.

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