7 habits can kill your productivity

In this world of mistakes and mishappenings, we are also not perfect ones and make mistakes and humans are meant to make mistakes in their lives. But we may be unaware of the fact that these habits can spoil our life or can be bad for your business and productivity. To get unaware of something is common among all the people but it is possible that we get unaware of our bad habits can have bad impacts on our productivity and financial career, whether we are working from home or office. Especially in the days of pandemics, when we all are locked in the rooms and are not allowed to step out of the houses of our own safety. These things make us dependent on some other factors and we have to follow the orders of the government and other institutions but as a living beings, we are compelled to live life and need to earn money.

No matter if we are working from the home office, there are some things that should be kept in mind during work and if we avoid them, maybe have bad impacts on our productivity. 

Here I will discuss some of the bad habits you should leave to increase your productivity and enhance success. 

When you don’t have a morning routine

Yes, when you don’t have a moving one it means you don’t know where you are going today and what meeting has been scheduled for the day, and when you don’t know what you are going to wear and what food you will take in breakfast and what will you bring for lunch, trus me this thing will keep on disturbing you the whole day. As you have more work to do so how can you spoil your day by thinking and wasting time about what you are going to wear and eat.. So avoid it by planning for your whole day and that thing will keep you outline soothe and you will be more focused on wor.

You do easy stuff first

While sitting in the office, it should be made sure that you try to reach the things that can be time taking and difficult to do, as these things will make your next day or the same days easier as compared to when you choose the easy things to do first ike checking emails, notifying people and meeting cancellation, that are not gonna be held, can make your liver and you get unconcerned if the other circumstances of the business.

You keep your phone with you

Keeping home with yourself is not a bad thing as you have to do a lot of tasks and have to check emails or documents by using a phone but the problem occurs when you use a phone for other purposes than you business purposes. It can kill your productivity because when you get engaged in other tasks like checking your social media accounts and messages from social media groups, it will not let you separate from them and that’s how you may wait your day

Browsing on internet

People mostly used to browse for even the smaller things, it is ok to do and find the useful stuff but things get wrong when you unintentionally get into wrong ways as start opening the lines suggests bellow. You may don’t do this intentionally bu in this way you create difficulty for yourself and your productivity 


Can you enjoy hearing your favorite track while writing an important article/ no, as you can’t equally divide your attention to both tasks and the same is with multitasking. You might be shocked to hear that multitasking can lead you business downward. There are times when we think that multitasking is the best option for being productive, but it is not a great idea to enhance business. 

It is logical that when you start working on 2 to 3 tasks at a time, you will be tired and just want to leave earlier. So, doing a single task at a single time will be  good choice for enhancing your business  

When you don’t prioritize to do list

We commonly suggested by the seniors to make a todo list and start working on that step by step, and it is obvious that when we have a sequence of planned day, we will work accordingly and if we have already decided who we are going to meet and discuss our stuff, things will get more easier and easier.

The most important task is to prioritize the to do list before going to office.

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