4 unhealthy coping mechanism of trauma

It is said that people don’t pay gratitude to whatever situation they are in. I mean persons get conscious of the events happening in their life as if they are happy they get scared that they will lose this time and there will be a time when you don’t have this and when they are sad and worried that it will never end and maybe they will die having these situations in life. But why don’t you pay attention that if you can think about the happiness of life that it will end, why isn’t it the same about the sad events? It may be so, but here we can say that it must be some psychological issues with those ones

As a human, when you get unable to deal with your problems and stress this feeling leads you to hopelessness and makes you weaker. Plus when you lack the capability to cope, some will erect powerful defense in an intense effort to avoid those negative feelings and the feeling of pain. The one who is trying to avoid those pain and negative feelings is trying to achieve emotional regulations and maintain their confidence and self-esteem.

A defense mechanism is something like you are supposed to change the way we feel or maybe interrupt citation in a way that we can move and turn it someone or something other else than us, but this thing can’t change the reality, and if we try to avoid unacceptable but real feeling it can create false feelings in us.

Here we will discuss some of the points and with their help, we will get to know from which kind of unhealthy mechanism we are suffering from.


It’s considered to be defensive behavior that can protect an individual by converting any motives and unacceptable feelings to someone else like if someone’s comment about you is bothering you, you can think that “ i am not arrogant, the way he behaves sounds arrogant “.

When you project your thoughts to others, you can empty your mind from all the frightening thoughts and gestures as this process allows you to neglect the real culprit and ignore the problem and its consequences within it.


Dissociation is the aspect in which the person gets unable to articulate certain aspects of one’s experience in verbal language or by speaking to himself. He keeps unacceptable and unpredictable happenings away from his awareness and it is something like neglecting the truth by saying that it is not some and this thing can’t happen to me.

The motive of separating yourself from the happening is to escape from the overwhelming emotions associated with the traumatic memory. The therapy for it is considered to be successful if the patient comes into contact with previously inaccessible aspects of those feeling which he is avoiding actually and the only way to get out of trauma is to go through it


Here self-medication is not about taking medicines and treatment but we are concerned with addiction, as it is supposed to be the dangerous facts of life but it can also prevent the user from understanding his distress and developing the emotional capacity to self-soothe. As addiction is somehow a good strategy to avoid feelings of helplessness and disappointment, in fact, the use of drugs provides feelings of acceptance and feeling of temporary self-confidence.  


Denial, as the name sounds, can be defined as selective ignorance for information or the heard news. It is a proactive defense in the situation of bearing unbearable or unacceptable news. Such as a dangerous disease diagnosis or to create a false sense of guarding or security. Denial is the kind of self-deception and denying the particular situation that is related to reality. Just to avoid the bad phase of anyone or any situation, the bad aspect is just ignored to remain stuck to the positive one. Just like the alcoholic person who always tries to resist the truth that he is a drinker and the mad or the one who is psychologically disabled, denies the truth and assumes himself the normal human being as well as denies seeking help from anyone.

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