Why mindfulness practice is essential for kids?

We have been through the worst time of life and see how it locks us in houses and we have to obey the rules to avoid shaking hands without people, we miss our gatherings, working at the office and much more. But this is about the elders as they can speak openly about what they are feeling but what about the kids? Those are also suffering from the same conditions but might be unable to express that in their words, but as parents, we should help them to cope up with these situations and try to fill their lives with happiness even by staying at home. You could buy them a video game o many more things for their entertainment, these help them emotionally they get to involve themselves in it and then they stuck at the same place but have you ever think that this thing may be damaging their health and you are reducing physical activities from their lives that are alamo more than important to do. But physical activity is not only about movement or playing but it can also be done by having peace of mind, yes you can practice mindfulness that goes best for both of the health; mind or body 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a mental capacity that is different in different people and some are already more mindful than others but it can be strengthened through practice and several changes have been made by the experts in recent years. It can treat many health issues like depression, chronic pain, stress, and addiction.

If you want to be mindful, the first thing is to be sure that you are focused and things can’t be done unconsciously and when you are focused on another thing or mentally absent. If your mind is wandering and you are losing focus on the present moment, you are in the default mode.

It is essential for kids as well as for the elders, before throwing your child into this practice you might want to know what benefits your child will get from it. 

Here we will discuss some of them.

Strengthens self-control 

Self-focus is the valuable aspect of everyone’s life as when you learn to control on yourself, you get ready to cope up with many situations in life, and the same is with the kids, when practicing mindfulness if they get distracted like whet will they eat in the lunch and what game they are going to play after it, then they bring up their focus back in their bday, will strengthen their self-control and self-esteem.

Lower anxiety and stress

Where the elders are worried about their earrings, lifestyles, and ups and downs in the business. The children are also much worried about their academic performance and test results, as the study is more than enough to be a burden on them.

Research says that when a child is in anxiety, the body’s proactive stress response gets active, kicking the flight or fight response into motion.

Mindfulness exercise is necessary to take them out of the stressful and anxious feelings that may cause sudden fast heart-beat, stomach aches, and headache.

Promote positive moods

Mindfulness, as the name suggests, is meant to give peace and stress-free the mind, and when you get successful in coping up with the anxious feelings, you would automatically think positively about you moods, if not, mindfulness teaches your child to accept their emotions and be in the present and prepare the mind to face the expected or unexpected situation. When you are always ready for every situation, you will see positivity everywhere.

Better decision maker

When you get used to relaxing your mind in whatever the situation is, you get used to it and it helps you to become good decision-makers. For taking a decision, what do you need? A peaceful mind leaving behind all the terrible and frustrating thoughts, right? You can get it from practicing mindfulness that helps you to become a better decision-maker and you can project into the future without thinking about past happenings.

Improve social and communication skills

As your kid knows how to relax himself and how to deal with unexpected situations in life so he will always be ready to face the opposite person in front of him, he will be self-esteemed and can in fact courageously face society and whoever is standing in his competition in a positive way.

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