World Wide Web has a hold in all over the world

The world wide web known as WWW is a great reward of science to human beings. They introduce this, for the ease of people. There is no information that is not present on this site. What we do is just write our demand on it and press a search button. All the doors of information open on us according to our need e.g 🙁 )this site can be used to develop other subsites, which are working on their own. But they also know that the actual boss is WWW.. it can be used for different purposes such as, writing, reading, making documents, or searching for anything about the world’s objects. All thanks are to CERN and TIM BERNER LEE, that they introduced such an amazing thing to us.

  •  Instant communication 

The best feature, we can take advantage of is, to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, you just don’t need to wait for even an hour. This feature helps us so much in business affairs. There was a time when the manager has to wait for their employees for so long, but now they can call them to present here in no time. In the situation, when something goes wrong and you find it difficult to access that person, this problem is also solved with one click.

  • Developing websites 

Science has introduced this to the world, so they should ultilixe them in a positive way. Nowadays it is happening that many people are making further websites through the world wide web, it has a tool called search bar, in which we can write anything about our needs.

The development of sites has no harm, but one thing is to make sure that people use them in the right way. Because there are many people who use it to track others, or they paste wrong information, hack their sites or business, or get access to their personal data, so we should also be aware of such kinds of websites.

  •  An additional source of income 

In the present time, an individual work 9 hours a day to fulfill the needs and requirement of his family. But the results are just to live hand to mouth, they can’t fulfill their additional desires. But scientists also help us in this regard. Introduction to this technology, enable people to do part-time jobs and to earn through additional work. This is helping the disabled person so much. If they can’t go anywhere to earn, but they have the skills and stamina to do something. Here the platform is made for them.

  •  Social networking 

The term “ social network “ is now very common among the people of the world. I used the word “ world “ because networking is all about the world around me. People connect with each other in no time. They make friends better in real life. They share their happiness and sorrows with each other. Many of them are girls and boys who become in a relationship and start dating each other and wish to spend their life together.

Except for these aspects, it is also a source of entertainment, they can play video games, watch movies, and listen to songs. These entertainment devices are helpful in diverting their mind from the tension of life.

  •  Stay informed always 

When a person gets social, he goes through different posts and quotes about life, in this way he starts taking interest in social, and political issues and he gets concerned with them and determines himself to participate in these issues, to play his positive role. He wants to get informed every time and to do this, his research gets increase.

Is Www an addiction?

Many people call it an addiction, for the reason that when someone starts using it, the information here has no limits so it gets impossible to divert someone’s mind from it. The complaint is mostly from the parents that their children are not attentive towards their studies and they always focus on the use of the internet. 

The solution is also here that keeps an eye on them to check their activities and communication with the people. Or you can give them a task that is according to the studies that they have to complete. In this way, their charm of using mobile and tabs complete, and you, as a parent doesn’t worry about their activities on the world wide web.

  •  Decisions are based on technologies 

Now, the decisions are also based on technologies, in a sense, if you want to choose your career or field, we can write our capabilities on the search bar, Google provides us with a lot of information in no time. In fact, it suggests the field and the job according to the requirement

The businessman, sitting in an office may be finding a person like you. In this way, you can have a job sitting at home.

  •  Promote culture and tradition 

As a patriot, if you want to participate in promoting your cultural norms and values, the world wide web is providing you with this facility. You can make blogs for a better rating of your culture, upload your fashion designs, and traditional dresses, if someone wants to be a part of it, your responsibility is done.

  •  Apps 

It is serving us in this manner for years,  the first app they introduced is yahoo, in which we can read the news, it has a lot of information in it, but with time, other apps regarding this have overcome. There is an app called AOL, a central video corporation, it helps in the live streaming of any video content.

  •  Online shopping 

Shopping was one of the difficult tasks for women, they have to go to markets in the rush, it is not the simplest and entertaining task to do. They can get everything of their choice with one click. Www introduced the Amazon app to help them out.

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