Why add protein shakes to your diet?

Everyone wants to have the best diet for smartness and the perfect physique. We eat different foods and have diets to make our body smarter, but only being smart is not enough. We have to be strong as well. It is not about being fat or having saggy skin, it means getting strong internally.

It can be done by using nutritious diets, it is useful for weight loss, reducing appetite, and boosting metabolism.

Protein shakes are the best diet we can ever have to strengthen our muscles and bones. It is available in different forms like smoothies, shakes, and other eatables. Powders are mostly used, we have to just mix them in the glass of water and drink it, other substances can also be added for bit taste. It would be a convenient addition to your diet to strengthen yourself 

There is also a misconception about proteins that they are just beneficial for men, but it is important for the woman as much as for a man. 

Proteins play a vital role in many functions of the body, from cells up to muscles, it is present in every cell of the body, helping in the repairing of cells and making the new ones. It is required for the better structure and ordinance of all tissues and organs, ensuring that they are working properly.

  • Women are afraid of bulking up

When we hear the word ‘ protein ‘ the first thing that clicks in our mind that it is something about an ‘ angry bodybuilder ‘ who has a wide chest and strong, heavy muscles. 

Women have a misconception about taking proteins that they would be overweight. But actually, having protein shakes in breakfast, would not let them be lazy, throughout the day.

Proteins would not bulk them up; they would get strong bodies and bones, with lean muscles. As well as it also helps to recover injuries faster, and maintain radiant skin.

  • Helps in weight loss 

If you are trying to encourage weight loss, improving your body composition, and you want to have a slim body physique. Proteins would help you so much in this regard.

Dairy products, poultry, seafood, legumes, and lean meats. Add them all to your diet. If you are vegetarian, almond, tufa, and chia seeds would be your preference. At the start, it might be difficult for you to add these foods to your diet, but when you start having this, it will also help you to stop craving junk foods

A 2015 study in the ( American journal of clinical nutrition ) found that people who consume protein throughout the day at each meal are more likely to lose weight or consistently maintain it, compared to those who skipped proteins during the meal.

  • Proteins for lean muscles

The body’s ability to burn fats is provided by lean muscles. The more strong muscles a person has, the higher their metabolic rate, metabolic rate is how many calories your body needs to fight with fats and to work optimally. 

It also helps in converting food to energy, if you have strong muscles, your body will prevent, sending calories to the fat cells. It will send calories to be burned.

  • Amino acids as building blocks

Proteins are made up of amino acids, when you lift a weight or any heavy instrument, micro-tears are developed in your muscles, proteins break down in the body and uses amino acids for their growth and development and making muscles stronger, that’s why amino acids are also known as “ building blocks “ of proteins.

  • Proteins for hair, skin, and nails

Proteins are not only beneficial for our internal growth and strengthen or muscles and bones, but it is also good for outer beauty like hair, nails, and skin

Collagen, a protein that makes up 70% of our skin’s composition, plays a crucial role in our body. It is present in connective tissues that are used in mobilizing our joints and strengthening them. Premature aging, wrinkles on your face, and saggy skin are the signs of protein deficiency Collagen greatly reduces in the body with age, and this thing should make sure that your body has not faced any skin problem.

Signs, show that you’re taking fewer proteins than your body needs:

Protein deficiency can cause many problems inside your body as well as outside. You may have wrinkles on your face, saggy skin from thighs, belly, waist, etc, and puffy skin.

Hair is made up of keratin, a kind of protein, which helps them in having longer, shiny, and stronger hair.

When it comes to nails, women are seen so conscious of them. It increases their personality. But if you are frustrated with your cracked nails even when you are getting ready for a function. Take enough proteins. It is said that nails carry calcium in them, but proteins, more than calcium are used to make your nail bed stronger.

  • Protein powders are tasty 

Who doesn’t want to be strong and beautiful without avoiding any taste of the tongue? When it is about taste, it feels like they would be dry, tasteless, and it would be difficult to dissolve them, women mostly afraid of even tasting them. Protein shakes help us to enjoy a healthy and tasty diet. While grocery, just picks up protein powder, mix it well in a glass of water or milk. You will enjoy that.

  • Have it before & after a workout 

We do any exercise and workout to stay fit, we often avoid taking anything before and after that. But it is not good for your health. Must have a healthy diet or proteins shake, 2 to 3 hours before the workout. It is essential to stay active and stronger throughout the day.

Don’t forget to take it after having a hectic day, it will help you to overcome all the tiredness and anxiety of the day.

We have seen all the advantages of protein in our life, that how it is serving our skin and body in different ways. So try to add them in your life to stay healthier & stronger.

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