Treatment for panic attack

People deal with different situations every day, they get much capable of coping up with the difficult and complicated situations but sometimes it gets harder for them to take themselves out of it and the situation gets anxious and difficult. It mostly happens when the person hears unexpected news or about the unexpected person and it is an instant feeling of fear, anger, and depression that holds all his mind and body and lead him to an unhealthy situation as it overcomes all the peace and relaxation of mind and leaves the person in anxiety, depression and in stress, it has emotional as well as physical symptoms.

Many people during the attack suffer from panic attacks and have to face heavy sweating, difficulty breathing, trembling and they feel their heart pounding. Feeling detachment from reality or themselves and experiencing chest pain is also the major symptom of panic attacks, also people feel stroking during these attacks. 

These attacks are scary and can hit you quickly. Here are 11 strategies you can adopt to stop a panic attack when you are having or feeling one coming on

Breathe exercise 

Breathing exercise can help you to reduce the pressure of your attack as if you are breathing faster than you can try the technique 

  • Breath in through your nose slowly, deeply, and gently as you can
  • Then breath out through your mouth slowly, deeply, and gently as much as you can
  • You can also count from 1 to 5 in each breath in and out, it gets easier to take a breath by counting
  • Focus is everything, if you are not focused on breathing it will not help you so stay focused.

This exercise will help you to feel relaxed but you may feel tired after this

Recognize your attack

Recognize your panic attack and try to calm yourself before it overcomes all your relaxation and just thinks that it will pass and you will be fine.

Try to avoid the situation which can be the reason for stress and panic attacks and it will allow you to focus on the relaxation techniques.

Close your eyes

Some panic attacks can overcome your mind as if you are in a fast-paced environment with a lot of provocation this can increase the chances of panic attacks 

Practice mindfulness 

Practicing mindfulness may help you to take out yourself from the reality which is around you. Focus on the physical sensation around you that may relax your mind like digging your foot in the ground and feel the texture of your jeans on your hands or in your hands. These things will help you to focus on the real objects around you

Find an object to focus on

Some people find it helpful to focus on a particular object to distract themselves from all stressful situations. You can also try the technique and pick a point to focus on. Like, stare at the aunt running on the floor, just keep looking where it is going and how she is meeting with her fellows, how she finds something to eat and share the food with others. Give all your attention to her doings and ways of living a life, it may subside all the symptom of your panic attack

Try a muscle relaxation technique

Likewise, deep breathing techniques, muscle-relaxing exercises can also help you to control your body’s response as much as possible. It is not like the heavy and daily exercise but starts slowly and simple from yi=ou fingers and then move your way up through the body

Picture yourself in a happy place

Nothing can be more relaxing than watching yourself in a peaceful and beautiful place in fact the place you wanted to visit once in life like a sunny beach, hiking on the mountains and rocks, or the waterfall in Canada.

Imagine yourself there and try to focus on the environment you are in, you will surely feel every aspect of the atmosphere around you. Try this technique, to get out of the panic attack.

Engage yourself in the light exercise 

Walking and swimming are the lightest exercises you can do to destress your body. Endorphins keep the blood pumping in the right way as well as flood our body with endorphins.

Keep lavender with yourself 

Lavender oil is essential to reduce the harms of panic attacks so must keep it in your hands and whenever you feel something wrong around you and you feel that you are experiencing a panic attack, put it on your forearms, and breath in for scent.

Drinking lavender and chamomile tea can also provide you with a soothing effect. 

Remember, avoid combining lavender with benzodiazepines because it may cause intense drowsiness.

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