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Makeup is an art. We can’t deny its power. It has helped us to boost our confidence and to face the world. It has overcome all our complexities of the face. Now we don’t feel shy to meet anyone or to stay in a gathering. Just because we are wearing makeup. But to choose the products which go with your skin tone is another art. 

There are some steps that we use during our beauty process, which can be done in 15 minutes.

Step 1: Moisturize your skin 

You must moisturize your skin if you want to have a fresh face look. It is also essential for your makeup to stay longer. Different skin tones need different moisturizers.

  • For dry skin, the cream with a beeswax base, in which there is no inclusion of water would be the best choice.
  • If you have oily skin, products that use light emulsion and fluids with natural silicon should be your priority.
  • The creams which contain mineral oil and dimethicone can go with any skin tone.

Step 2: Primer 

When you are done with moisturizer. Now, it is time to prep. Your skin to catch makeup. For this, primer is a reliable product, it is a sort of cream or a gel. Have it on your fingers and rub it on your cheeks and around your eyes to get it to absorb in your pores and creases. It smoothes and clears your skin and it also helps your makeup to stay longer and you will not have a stained look after this.

Step 3: Liquidy foundation 

Picking a foundation of a true match for your skin is a difficult task, you will not have a natural look if you don’t pick a shade match with your skin. How will you find that? Have a trial on your jawline, if it gets absorbed like you are not wearing any base. It’s your match. 

Foundations are all about blending. Some women use their fingers to blend it as all the excessive layer turns to their fingers and they enjoy having a lighter look. And for full coverage, sponges and brushes are applicable.

Step 4: Concealer 

If you put a heavy layer of concealer just to get rid of your dark circles, you might be doing wrong, because loading up your eyes with concealer gives an older look. In fact, the less you will apply, the more it will work. And it also gets absorbed in your skin.

Step 5:  Face powder using tissue 

Are you worried about having heavy makeup or a foundation that may ruin your skin? For the solution, you must try a single-layered transparent powder which will give a light & almost no-makeup look to your face.

Step 6:  Blush 

Blush is used to enhance beauty as well as adding a bit of color and sparkle to your face. different color schemes are made for different features and complexions.

  • Pink blush is commonly applied to the apple of your cheeks. To find “ Apple “ just make a smile, it will get prominent and you can apply it to the rounded area.
  • Plum blush is applied as same as the pink blush, but this shade often goes with dark or dull complexions.
  • Peach blush has a slightly different style than pink blush. It is applied like a lane from ear to the apple of your cheeks, use it for full coverage of the face instead of pink blush.

Step 7: Highlighter 

A highlighter is used to brighten your skin tone. You don’t need to blend it like other products. It is just applied on cheeks, nose, chin, and the area around lips and eyebrows. After this step, you don’t need to rub a brush of blush on your cheeks with hard hands. Just a slight touch of brush will be enough.

Step 8: Eyeshadow 

The makeup on your eyes gets more prominent than all other features.

For this, the mixture of lighter and darker shade looks gorgeous.

Dip your brush in the lighter shade and tap it to avoid having a clot of powder on your eyes. Apply it on the entire eyelid, repeat the process having a darker shade on your brush, and gently rub it on the outer corner of the eye, just above the lash line. Then take a brush with no shades, and blend those two well.

Step 9:  Mascara & Eyeliner 

It is a two-in-one formula to apply mascara instead of an eyes liner. For this, softly press mascara on the outer part of your lashes, it will not let you use eyeliner after this, more it will give a different look to your eyes.

  • Easily remove excessive mascara from your eyes 

No bad move is much irritating than having a mascara smudge under your eyes, even when you are done with your makeup. 

Don’t even try to wipe it with your fingers, just dip a small concealer brush in the regular water and lightly rub it on the affected area. It will clear excessive smudge, without affecting your overall makeup.

Step 10: Lipstick 

Applying lipstick on lips is the final touch of makeup, if you put it correctly, you will have a stunning look, otherwise, all makeup is of no use. Must use a lip scrub to avoid a cracked and uneven tone of your lips, or you may also brush your lips having a gel over it, then use a lip conditioner to remove dead skin. 

After this, start applying lip gloss or lipstick from the center of the lips and move towards the corners. Avoid applying a double coat if you have matte gloss.

Smack your lips to ensure that it has reached all the nooks of your lips.

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