What changes Technology made in the 21st Century

What changes Technology made in the 21st Century

Technological inventions have no bounds. It is increasing day by day. It is surprising us with its inventions. It is in the process, from the beginning of life on earth. But as same as life, the process of inventions are also not stop. Science can also be called the miracles of life. Technological invention means those discoveries and changes which are brought to life for the ease and comfortability of the humans being. By the way of example, technology inventions would include generic processes to make a wide variety of construction. 

Let us discuss some inventions of science and technology which has brought changes in our life.

GPS ( Global Positioning System ) 

The idea of GPS had spawned back in 1974. In 2005, with the launching of the first modernized GPS satellite, it become generally available for everyone. GPS is used for searching for a place, we can go anywhere by this facility, we don’t need to ask for the tours to someone. What you should do, just have a map and internet connection on your mobile, laptop, etc. and type your destination on the search bar.

Social networking 

In the past few decades, we don’t aware of the term “ social networking “. we used to meet each other by traveling for so long. And we convey our messages through letters. But with the passage of time, we met new inventions, science introduces us to telephones, which is surrounding by a lot of wires. It was very difficult to use that. Then they introduce some apps like myspace. Orkut and Friendster were useful but not so much.

Now in the 21st century, they provided us with the facility of social networking in different forms.  We use apps like Facebook, Twitter, emo, Viber to connect to the world.

Touch screen 

There was a time when using a mobile phone was so surprising for people. They think that it is a great invention of science. They had to type long messages to convey their message. But now the generation of the 21st century has fed up with the noise of typing. 

Now there is no concept of noise in typing because touch screens are made, in which you just have to touch the scream with your fingers or with a pen. 

All credit goes to Apple iPhone, it was the first touch scream mobile they made for us. Mobiles have the features of auto-correct for those who are not good enough with English.

Artificial heart 

The first heart made by Abicor, which was free from external wires and tubes. The battery of the organ is charged by the transmission of energy.

But it was just limited to operational use, now the person with an artificial heart can live up to five years.

It had seen that using artificial hearts a person lives just a few months, but now the technology used in it, like, it has brought the patient back to life.

We can see technology gives us so much that it increases the time period of living when we are about to die.

Media-streaming, youtube 

Youtube is actually one-in-all. It means this app has all the features in it. We can search for anything that we want, it is like Google, where we just have to type our requirements and we get results more than our expectations. It gives us information in the form of video, it can be anything like watching movies, listening to the songs, watching recipes or having help from a channel, etc

It is also the source of earning, you can make your channel according to your capabilities like starting a news channel, cooking channel, singing songs, or guiding the audience about the computer or any topic. 

The more you get subscribers to your channel, the more you earn.

Internet of things (IoT) 

It is one of the amazing and surprising developments in information and communication technology, IoT is just about all the advanced technologies of our life. Have you ever think about that when you sit in a car, it starts automatically? Or when you enter the room, AC gets to start to wit no time? When you enter the kitchen, everything gets ready to cook food for you These all are the blessings of science which we can’t deny. It serves us with a lot of comforts. This includes vehicles, household appliances, medical devices, electric meters and controls, street lights, traffic control, and also behaves like digital assistance such as Amazon Alexa and google home. the invention of these devices are so useful, it encourages to develop of more and better devices like them

Online encyclopedia

From the word, encyclopedia, the first thing that clicks in our mind is “ full of information “. when you research about any educational topic, you find Wikipedia on the top of the list, and the information there is so helpful and authentic. And you can’t resist following that information.

According to the new research, it says, today the English version of Wikipedia has around 6 million articles. It has more than 27 billion words, 40 million articles in almost 300 languages, indeed, A  great achievement.


3D is a process of making an object which shows 3 dimensions. We all are well known for this, we listen to the word, 3D objects, which means it is like video content in which the sides can also be seen. Experts are using it in different fields, such as health care, in which care protector delivers product on demand.

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