Water; a key to a healthy life

No one is unaware of the importance of water in our life. we can survive many days without food but few days without water, as a human body can’t store water. It serves us in different forms, like regulating our body temperature, flushes out toxins, and wastage from our body. It also helps us in making our joints and muscles flexible, it allows our body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, glucose, and other substances. Most importantly, it works on its best for our skin. 

We see people with glowing skin on television, in magazines, on blogs, or on artists. We always wonder how much glowing skin they have, but the answer is simple, have water!

How much water do we need?

Many youngsters, especially women or teenage girls, look so worried about having a smart and perfect physique, but they don’t know that they should do anything except drink an ample amount of water which is enough for their body needs. 

We get dehydrated daily in the form of breathing, sweating, or bypassing urine, but are we balancing the discharge and intake of water? Matters the most. 

But the question is how much water we need to fulfill our needs? It is majorly dependent on the environment you are living in. In cold areas, for example, in colder areas we don’t feel much thirst because we don’t sweat much, because of the environment and air, as compared to being warm and having tough physical activities or going to the gym. But the medical issues, weight, and height also matter. 

A rough estimate is, a man should drink almost 8 to 14 glasses per day, a woman should have 6 to 12 glasses ( more if you are breastfeeding ) per day.

Don’t you want plain water?

It is not about drinking plain water, it needs liquids, and it can be in different forms like fresh juices, massaging your face with moisturizers, or applying creams on it.

  • Lemon is a great source to fulfill the needs of liquids on your skin, just squeeze it in the glass of water, add some salt and a bit of sugar, just for a taste, and your digestive drink is ready. It is good for the digestive system, the cleaner the liver you have, it will affect your skin’s cleanliness.
  • Mint leaves can also be used if you are not in the mood to have plain water. Adding mint in your routine is healthy, have some leaves, boil and strain them, add some water in it, and let it cool down. Drink it for the better digestion of food and glowing skin.

Why water is essential for the skin?

  • Prevents premature aging 

There are some natural barriers in your skin that retain moisture and prevent you from different skin problems and premature aging, but when these barriers get interrupted, they stop their process and you have to face dryness and unclear skin.

But when your body gets hydrated, it helps in increasing the flexibility of the skin, and the more flexible it is, there would be fewer chances of shriveling.

  • Prevents acne 

Many people are seen talking about pimples or acne, might be they are taking any pills and applying tubes on their faces to get rid of these pimples because it affects their looks. But they don’t know that drinking a large amount of water can cure their common disease. As it balances the quantity of oil and water, but when your body is dehydrated, oil overcomes.

Drinking water is the best way the removal of impurities, germs, and toxins from your body that can cause acne.

  • Tighter skin 

Who doesn’t love tighter skin? Women are crazy about it. Massages, surgeries, operations, and what not they do, for their skin’s tightness. 

But drinking enough water can solve much of their issues related to skin and body fitness.

If your skin is sagged due to soda and sudden weight loss, from the areas like thighs, jawline, belly, waist, etc. drinking water can bring your skin back to life.

  • Prevents your skin to get heat-up

Water helps in balancing your body temperature, which is raised during exercise, workouts, or due to the warmth of the weather. Drinking water after any physical activity is essential to ensure that rashes may not appear on your face and also you have to fulfill the needs of your body to overcome dehydration.

  • Health & hydration 

Absorption and discharge of liquid do not only affect your skin but also your heart, kidney, pancreas, liver. As your skin with cells is made up primarily of water but when it is deprived of water. The rest of your body suffers as your skin does. So don’t let your body suffer, just because of not drinking enough water.

  • Cure headache 

By drinking less amount of water, your brain is deprived of fluids, you feel frustrated and it will not let you concentrate on your task, it can also affect any organ of your body so leave the pills and take a bottle of water instead. You can’t be energetic unless you fulfill your body’s needs.

  • Drink water to avoid itchy skin 

Maybe, not any medicine or tube is working to cure your itchy skin. And you are worried about going outside as it is affecting your good looks, you also can’t wear makeup for that reason, it will be more irritating. Simply drink water to avoid dry and itchy skin. Try this hack, you will feel that there is no more rawness in your skin.

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