How youth-serving institutions are working for child sex abuse

Child-sex abuse is a global issue nowadays, a number of children have been suffering from it, according to the centers for disease control ( CDC ) says that almost one in four girls and thirteen boys have been abused before they reach 18. 

It is important to acquire the knowledge that the rappers are getting access to the children so we can protect our children by locking the culprit into jail and limiting their access. It is estimated that in half of all cases the sexual abusers use sexual grooming for this, it is the process to facilitate sexual contact with a minor, they may select the victim by gender, gain access and develop trust with the little one and their guardian, then isolate the minor and desensitize him/her to sexual content or physical content. 

It is parental duty to save them from the worst act but they are not always under parental supervision so they must trust the youth-serving institutes 

But the abusers have made their way in the institutions to get access to children to satisfy their sexual needs.

There are six components that should be followed to protect the child from this act.

Selecting employees and volunteers :

The organization must be careful about hiring the volunteers, they should be known to the organizational code of conduct and ethics, must check the thorough background including criminal records, encompass arrest and charges, and the research on the internet including social media. Because it is common to get abused and cheated by close ones today. So, don’t hire anyone you do not know and ask for certificates and their verified resources. As you can’t compromise on the reputation of your organization 

Guidelines for interactions between individuals :

The rules and code of ethics should be made on interactions between individuals and they must have two adults present when working with youth. ( avoid one on one interactions ). The workers should be guided for a zero-tolerance policy for sexual jokes and comments.

Guidelines for physical contact ( no hugs, no bad touching )

Guidelines should be made for the kids and that if they see anything suspicious and wrong, feel free to discuss and complain about them

Monitoring behavior:

Once all the policies have been established now it’s time to monitor and check whether everyone is implementing the rules or not. On the other hand, inappropriate behavior can also be partiality towards anyone, giving gifts and showing favoritism, and spending time with specific people. These kinds of behavior must be forbidden to run an organization successfully. Hire a staff to review the activities of people under you like a project manager and he should also be the trusted one, you can rely on. 

Ensuring a safe environment :

Safety should be the first and foremost priority of these institutes.

This involves having :

  • Clean lines of sight
  • Bright lights
  • Video cameras should be in the areas that may be hidden from view
  • unlocked changing rooms and storerooms
  • Open-door policies
  • The monitoring of video cameras should be in secure hands

Policies should be made for the safety of toileting, showering, and transportation to and from institutions-sanctioned events.

When you ensure these all rules and regulations, the suspicious one would be clearly seen and even no one can dare to do a bad behavior or bad touch with the children.

Training about child sexual abuse prevention :

The important component is to train the caregivers, employees, and the youth themselves, which include but not limited to  :

  • General information about the warning signs of child abuse
  • Organization policy for child abuse prevention
  • How to handle the disclosure and reporting
  • Definitions of appropriate and inappropriate conduct and behavior 

An open environment for the survivors and others

To run an organization like this is not an easy task as you have to take care and keep an eye on every second person on your own. It is a good thing to behave professionally with the management and staff but if you provide an open environment to the survivors and to the kids, it will work more than your thoughts. Just not only physically but they also need mental security which can only be provided when you organize small parties, provide them with a play area along with tools to play on, and will have major effects on your services or on your organization’s reputation.

Caregivers and employees should be well known of all the protection and policies made for the prevention of child sex abuse.

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