ApowerMirror is a powerful screen mirroring application for Android and iOS streaming on a Windows computer or Mac. In addition, it allows you to remotely control Android devices on a computer using a mouse and keyboard.

ApowerMirror enables you to control Android locally from any computer. Easily connect any phone screen with your mouse and keyboard, including WhatsApp messages and SMS text messages.
Game fans can play Android games on their computer without any emulator and without rooting the device.
Mirror and control Android screen

This app can display on Android device screen
That computer or projector. Also, you can get full control of the screen with the mouse and keyboard. So, you can share PPT with your colleagues, enjoy movies on the big screen or play phone games on PC like Clash of Clauses, Clash Royale and Hartston.

Record and capture the phone screen
This device enables you to record all activities on your phone screen without any interruption. Whether you want to record how the newly released app works or have a great fighting experience in the game, this is what you need. However it is able to take screenshots at any time.

Send messages using the keyboard
If you want to send SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat or any other message, this application allows you to type words and send messages using computer keyboard. And you can change the input directly to the PC.

Connect via USB and WiFi
You can choose to connect Android to your PC for free via USB cable or wireless network. Using USB cable can provide a stable user experience while using Wi-Fi which allows you to control remotely from Android.
Upweimer is a full sync application for Windows and Mac, a screen mirroring application for both iOS and Android devices.
For mobile phones and tablets that support Chromecast for Android 5.0 or higher, users can install programs to share screens with PCs. Any iOS device with AirPlay capabilities can display a cell phone screen on a computer using this tool.
Apower Mirror is a screen mirroring application that enables you to mirror Android or iPhone screens. With this app you can enjoy your phone screen, videos and other media files on TV and even present on TV.

Notable features ApowerMirror.
☆ screen mirror
ApowerMirror allows you to cast your phone screen on a TV so you can share your phone screen with your family and friends on a larger TV screen.
Index Video
It supports videos from Android or iPhone to TV, including videos with local video and video apps. After your phone mirrors the TV, you can insert local video and you can stream video from a specific video application to the TV that has streaming features from DLNA.
Supports mainstream Android TV
This app has higher compatibility and can be used to shoot phones on Android TVs running Android 5.0 or higher.

Other highlighted features
Share gameplay. If you are interested in a game and want to share your gameplay with others on a big TV screen, Apurmi will help you. Once you mirror your Android or iPhone to TV you can enter a game and your gameplay will appear on your TV.
Share photos Your PowerMyre supports accessing photos from TV to your phone, and you can share your photos with others on TV.
You can now make presentations on your TV with this application.

Once you turn off the image of your phone on the TV, open the file you want to present on your phone, which contains PPT, PDF, Word, Excel or any other document and then you viewers will see it instantly on the TV screen.
Bread e-book. It allows you to read ebooks on TV. Open the ebook on your phone and then you can read it on your favorite TV.

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Show Android notifications on PC
Once you receive a new notification on your phone, for example, an incoming call, a new message, or a business email, it will appear together on the PC. You don’t remember any important information while working on the computer.

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