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By | June 19, 2020

Use your own 3D photos and videos as live wallpapers!
From 4K unified and entertaining characters to loops and spaces, the best 3D live wallpaper – an animated background or any epic 4D video wallpaper provided by GRUBL, as well as numerous live wallpapers to decorate your home screen. And lock screen for your home screen, 1 1 for your lock screen!

Enjoy popular and fun ringtones, alarms and notifications.
Hundreds of free words are now available to change the sound of your phone!
You can also set different ringtones for each touch!

GRUBL is the only app that can apply 2 separate live wallpapers without changing the lock screen and home screen. You do not need a custom lock screen to change your default lock screen!

For dual mode to work, your device needs support for lock screen and live wallpaper for home screen. If your device only supports live wallpapers on the home screen, you can use the app like any other live wallpaper.

Enjoy popular and epic 4d length wallpapers HD like loop and space backgrounds, mobile phones, funny character wallpapers, 4K amled backgrounds, live wallpapers for gamers, video wallpapers and many more. View but save your battery.

With GRUBL, your phone will start your attention-grabbing conversation after transforming your screen into an epic 3D animated entertainment experience with amazing effects.

You’ll find new live wallpapers each week with real significance, a preview of each theme (even for 4D) and free adjustments for each background.

Enable AutoChanger to get 3D live wallpapers for your lock screen or home screen every 6 hours or every day on a daily basis.

Use color search to create the ultimate personal look of your phone, choose the best live wallpaper based on the color of your choice.

Correct color
Get the most out of your AMOLED screen with the brain designed specifically for AMOLED 3D wallpapers – especially space and character life wallpapers.

Real depth 4D effect
The original characters are alive with this great animated wallpaper.
Epic superheroes like lock screen 4D wallpapers, wallpapers for gamers, Thanos 3D, movie scenes, funny characters and real 4D space wallpaper blasts, they are ready to pop out your screen!

Video wallpapers and movies
Experience real animation effects in 4D with animated 3D wallpapers such as visual effects levels such as snow, rain, fire effects, smoke, strong wind themes like Godzilla, various animated backgrounds and many more animated video wallpapers.

18 premium sections – 1000+ great backgrounds.
Enjoy VFX, Amoled, Nature – Animals, Mobile Phone 360 Live Wallpapers, Beautiful Space and Planet Wallpapers, Impressive Price, 4D Live Character Wallpapers and many more popular animated wallpapers.

Constantly updating
You’ll find great new backgrounds to set up your screens almost every week.
GRUBL will notify you about this.

Device friendly
When battery usage varies between 0.5% and 2%, you won’t notice a difference in your phone’s daily usage.
GRUBL is very lightweight and designed to adapt to the battery, and it turns off completely when the screen is turned off. Video wallpapers can use a little more in your battery.

Each live wallpaper is automatically designed and automatically adjusted to suit any aspect ratio, including ultra-wide screens, and the Samsung Galaxy, One Plus, Xiaomi, Huawei and many more. Such as being tested with popular devices.


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