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By | May 25, 2020

3D My Name Live Wallpaper is free and customizable and this application can be used as home wallpaper directly on home and home screen. You can choose from a variety of characters created in different and original styles with an amazing and incredible effect on the screen.
With this great app you can set your name, important notes, your favorite team name, reminder or any other message that you want to display on your screen and set it up with very little resource usage and low battery usage. .

How to use (instructions for use):

  • Change the text, name, or name that appears at the top of the main screen (using the pencil icon above) or by selecting “Edit the displayed text” in the Preferences menu.
  • Choose the font of your choice quickly and easily by double-clicking on the “Select Fonts” option in the desired menu on the main screen.
  • You can select the menu directly from the Preferences menu, it will appear on both the home screen or the home screen and the lock screen.

You can further enhance the application through the Preferences menu.

Select Ntnt font.
Edit your name, text or displayed message.
You can save on-screen content to video content and add voicemail or voicemail messages. You can share videos with anyone using apps like WhatsApp.
Edit effects 3D effect speed
Select wlwp

New features:

  • More than 8 different particles
  • More than 10 different animations
  • Magic Touch: Very requested, now you can follow live wallpapers. We have added 5 individual communication effects. You can always disable this feature.
  • Different options for particles. Do you want more particles on your screen? Or do you want to remove them quickly? Or you want to grow up with them.

We hope you enjoy our new design and new live wallpaper app!
This is a live wallpaper app that you can run.

Other features:
Great wallpapers for Android are suitable for most Android devices.
HD wallpapers

How do I activate it?

  • It’s very common. Run the application and click the “Apply” button on the next page and click “Set Wallpaper”. Flashing live and wallpaper wrapping enabled.
  • or if the above does not work, you can try: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper Lapaver -> Live Wallpaper Lapaver -> Select Glossy Live Wallpaper Lapaver

What can he do?

  • Fully compatible to run almost all Android devices and keep icons real.
  • It’s new and HD.
  • Glam Straight Wallpaper is suitable for everyone and it is free to use.
  • Exclusive live wallpapers you won’t find anywhere else
  • download app

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