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Volume styles allow you to completely customize your phone’s volume panel and sliders.
Apply various themes like color change, iOS and MIUI, relocation and more! You have complete control.

You can add additional shortcuts in the volume panel and change the brightness of things to speed things up.

Super fast gallery with great 3D style, pin lock for hidden albums and great modern displays.
Built-in phone gallery for SD card images, with gallery options designed to copy, move, and delete.
Exclusive, dynamic gallery look and smooth gallery user interface with free, fast, next generation modern photo gallery.

With Omomi Gallery, you can:
Enjoy 3d style
Animate your gallery images in 3D style with spiral, helix, circle and more.
Add a gallery of photos you like using tweaks in different 3D styles.
Change the style and view 3D animations using just one tap on the action bar icon.
Single tap double tap on cool 3D animations and gallery photos.

Hide Private Album
Configure PIN lock for hidden albums. Personal albums are easy to hide, hide and view in the most modern way.

Create and share whatsapp stickers
Use the gallery as a personal sticker for WhatsApp.

Sort Your Gallery
Quickly find, delete, and copy thousands of gallery photos to organize your gallery photos.

Slide show
Play instant gallery photo slideshow in high quality slideshow.
Set background music for slideshow from gallery settings.

You can share your photos on social photos like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Flickr, G + etc.

Gallery Features

  • Automatic style change to change the position / direction of the device.
  • Start browsing the photos you have entered in the gallery without starting from the first photo
  • Remove and restore folders
  • Hide folders and hide with PIN lock
    Set an image as background
  • Functional auto-hide action bar
  • Customize from Gallery Settings
  • Play video as hologram video
  • Play video in VR mode

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Easily apply any style on your volume slider in one tap:

  • Android 10
  • iOS 13
  • Xiaomi MIUI
  • Samsung One UI
  • One Oxygen
  • Android Oreo Horizontal Slider
  • Huawei EMUI
  • Windows 10
  • Dome Skins
  • … and more in the application

Change which volume slider will appear. You can also add a glow slider!

  • Media Volume
  • Color zodiac
  • Notification Quantity
  • Alarm amount
  • Voice Call Volume
  • System Volume
    Bluetooth volume
    Cast volume

Customize the volume panel to your liking:

  • Add the color you want
  • Auto Dark Mode
  • Change the corner radius
  • Location of the volume control panel on the screen
  • Volume panel show duration
  • … even more!

Add shortcut

  • Direct Title
  • rotate toggle
  • flashlight
  • screenshot
  • Split screen into sections
  • Settings shortcut
  • turn off screen
  • Open Sound Settings
  • Don’t worry, toggle
  • Sound Mode Toggle (Mute / Vibrate / Color)
  • Toggle automatic brightness
  • Toggle Media Volume
  • Toggle notification volume
  • Toggle alarm volume
  • Toggle Voice Call Volume
  • Toggle system volume

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